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New Years Resolutions
# 16 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 22:00
Cheers chriss... i wil try to do them.. Some of them are not al that easy though!! but if i achieve the Gym one il be will impressed!!!!

Happy new year to one and all!!!
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# 17 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 22:11
Pressing a tonne sounds easy enough - it that pressing like prodding, i could do that..
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# 18 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 22:14
Madguy,I'm going to get the gym one sorted and hope the rest rest will follow
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# 19 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 22:15
its like lying on your back and slowly pusing it up and slowly lowering it down, started at three quarter a tonne then up to the full tonne.. the weights dont go higher so i figured it i can do a tonne on each single leg that would be equivalent of two tonne on both legs....

mornings are easiest as its quieter plus i'm too lazy to go after work...
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# 20 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 22:41
Sounds painful but honestly admire your willpower, would love to be like that. By the way if you're into the gym, would u know if there are weights girls can do without bulking up?
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# 21 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 22:49
To not read conversations posing as threads.
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# 22 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 22:50
all the weights can be done without bulking up... if u do them slowly u build muscle, using lighter weights and doing faster tone up... for women I think the best ones are targetted, look at working on shoulders, hips and thighs (inner and outer) the others are secondary and will get a workout anyway but not to the same extent... stomach crunches are great but u still cant beat the treadmill and the pool for all over toning and cardio work... eat carbs before u go and protein after....

its a habit with me, its painful getting up so early but once u start its easy to go... plus... gotta love the mens changing rooms...
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# 23 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 22:51
Sorry Superfour, was that me? Don't post all that often.
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# 24 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 22:54
Thanks for that Limkmike. Happy New Year
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# 25 : Saturday 31-12-2005 @ 11:32
going to try to eat as little as possible from buckets, bags and boxes.
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# 26 : Saturday 31-12-2005 @ 13:51
I presume you're joking when you say you lost 14 stone and want to lose another 8? My God you must be fading away to an elephant. I'm 6'1" and I never even weighed 14 stone at my heaviest.

As for resolutions I'm going to do what I do every year. I'm not going to make any. I'm going to carry on regardless
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# 27 : Saturday 31-12-2005 @ 13:52
ya i have one,don't make them.
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# 28 : Saturday 31-12-2005 @ 15:40
course I'm serious, 14 stone in a year isnt a huge amount, am six foot one also, i'd be ok ish if i got to about 15 stone... gonna miss dairy though...
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# 29 : Saturday 31-12-2005 @ 16:44
I didn't mean it was a huge amount to lose. It's just beyond me how anyone can go 14 stone + overweight and would need to lose that amount and more. And I'd say the dairy are going to miss you more than you miss it. Are the staff going on a three day week?
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# 30 : Saturday 31-12-2005 @ 16:49
Miaowww ....
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