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New Years Resolutions
# 31 : Saturday 31-12-2005 @ 16:54
WEll yes! enuff said !!!
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# 32 : Saturday 31-12-2005 @ 16:59
Limkmike not sure if I'm reading your posts right - you lost 14 stone this year and you need to lose another 8st to reach your target of 15st? Which would mean at one point you were around 37st - is that right?
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# 33 : Saturday 31-12-2005 @ 19:20
OMFG *staggers around room*
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# 34 : Saturday 31-12-2005 @ 19:32
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# 35 : Saturday 31-12-2005 @ 22:14
was 33, lost 14 am now 19, reason i want to lose another 8 is that i want to be underweight, i think for my height i should be 14 so thats only another 5 to go...
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# 36 : Sunday 1-1-2006 @ 11:19
Omg your like Michelle McManus, only better ! I saw on the front of Heat that she has lost 8 st. with Doctor Gillians help. Fair play to her i say. And of course to you aswell ! Did you have a major food problem ? How did you get so big
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# 37 : Sunday 1-1-2006 @ 13:23
That is absolutely amazing Limkmike! How did you find the will power?
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# 38 : Sunday 1-1-2006 @ 13:33
will power had nothing to do with it... always ate right, went to the gym... for me it was all emotional... learnt to love myself and didnt need the weight, it was a barrier to connecting to others on certain levels... metabolism is really fast now, processing verything really quickly now, food, emotions etc...
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# 39 : Sunday 1-1-2006 @ 14:07
Wow limkmike - fair play - hope you reach your goal this year.

I started my resolutions on Wednesday so don't feel so bad today.
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# 40 : Sunday 1-1-2006 @ 14:16
Who's Jim ???
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# 41 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 14:01
So what is everyone’s this year?

I wasn’t going to bother as I always break them. But I would like to start the year afresh. Fresh clean break and all that.

I have no interest in eating loads of health food or doing any exercise as I just couldnt be arsed. So im going to try and keep myself looking good on the outside. Start doing my hair and wearing makeup. Stop looking like a knacker during the week. Stick to a proper cleanse, tone and moisturise every day!

And I have opened my first ever savings account. So im going to try and save loads this year. But there is always a need for the money so fingers crossed I manage it. I always seem to be broke regardless so I might as well be broke with savings!
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# 42 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 15:33
@missy start looking good on the outside . it's too late. it'll never work *runs*
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# 43 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 15:35
Seamie ya b@stard! *breaks down sobbing* Well I cant get any worse! Its too depressing a day to be talking to me like that *half smilie*
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# 44 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 15:38
1. To return to working out (gave it up last August).
2. Save. For the love of God save.
3. You do not talk about fight club.
4. Stop biting my nails. (So far so good).
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# 45 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 15:39
ah my work here is done....
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