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New Years Resolutions
# 46 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 16:36
I've decided to start drinking this year. I'm really crap at it and usually only do it about four times a year. I'll be training with a gin later this evening.
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# 47 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 16:40
Good for you zoz. Enjoy the Gin.
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# 48 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 16:44
If your crap at drinking is gin a good idea? It will make you cry. Unless you have good company . Or else the both of you could end up crying.
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# 49 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 16:46
@ zozimus. if possible take a week off work and start drinking asap, remove all clocks and alarms from sight and make sure you have plenty of alcohol, different types will help as you may need some weaker type drinks to slow down your alcohol intake and stronger spirits if you feel your loosing valuable alcohol from the blood. keep take away numbers at hand, i know they say eating is cheating but sometimes it is essential.
do not worry or be put off by falling asleep, this is in fact a good sign. as the days go on you will find that your tollerance improves. kidney failure is what you should be aiming for at this stage. it is vital to remove the phone numbers of friends and relatives from your mobile, not only are they a distraction but it will save you making drunken phone calls at silly hours.
in the next installment i will be discussing clothing and which over the counter medicines are suitable as mixers
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# 50 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 18:28
Loose about 3 stone, Stop smoking. Get more outta my job, pay off my deputy's.
Go On a prop-per holiday.
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# 51 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 18:39
I should really work out more and I have bought one of them slender tone thingy mi jiggys but cnt be arsed to put it round my waist yet - im that lazy
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# 52 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 19:52
This gin is quite pleasant. I've no bleeding limes and my f*ck*ng language has gone to pot already, but I don't give a rats arse.

Thanks for the tips loosey, I'm about to put the rest of the clocks in the basement and barricade the door.
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# 53 : Tuesday 3-1-2006 @ 20:08
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# 54 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 17:17
I made three going home on New years eve.. and have broken two of them already...why do we bother making them anyway? I mean the whole giving up smoking..its to do with will-power and can be done any day of the year..I'm as bad though making these promises to myself and not keeping them!
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# 55 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 18:01
Must be something in the air in Louth Andreak

I gave up smoking on 1st January.

I gave up not smoking last night (at approx 10 p.m. after the 5th pint)

Now maybe if I'd given up drinking on weeknights

Nah, yesterday was such a shit day I just had to. And I wouldn't mind, but it wasn't even my first day back at work either, so I don't have that excuse to hide behind
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# 56 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 18:04
my resolution is to take over the world, mwah ha ha ha
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# 57 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 18:05
its the freezing cold wexford air now Chee!!

well done louth man giving up the smokes and well silly starting 2 days later..hehe
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# 58 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 18:17
Well, I've never had a problem in not smoking for most of the day e.g. at work, or in not smoking for days on end.

But if I go near a pub... And I mean - **** it, you even have to go outside the door to smoke now, so it's not as if I'm surrounded by clouds of smoke anymore.

Just have the willpower of a pissed gnat, at least in the alcohol/smoke context...

But I also decided that I'm going to tackle the 2 remaining undone-up bedrooms in my house before the end of January. So am making a start on Saturday coming, and taking down all the Chrimbo stuff will be a real spurt to getting started.

I WILL do it, I KNOW I will...

*repeats mantra*
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# 59 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 18:25
positive thinking Chee...hehe you'l do it..
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