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Irish Men And Their Mammy's Coddle!
# 1 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:04
What is it with Irish men and their attachment/fear of their Mothers? I just text a friend there asking him if wanted to grab a bite to eat after work.
He text back saying that his Mam had made his dinner and would freak if he ate elsewhere. He's 26!

This isn't the first a man has said something like this to me about his mother. I have heard all sorts from their mother buying there bus ticket every week to applying for loans for them.

Is it an Irish thing or all men like this?
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# 2 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:06
Nah I think it's just Irish men! My mam makes the best coddle around and if that was on the menu wild geese wouldn't keep me away. But now that I've a squeeze I'm spending less time at home and am not relying as much on the homestead as usual. It takes time Penny for a fella to leave his mammy's apron strings. Sure look at Daniel O'Donnell!
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# 3 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:07
thats a bit sad, but i think in most cases its the mother who is at fault with being over protective, some guys just dont want to upset them.
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# 4 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:07
Face the facts, Penny, he lied, you make him sick when he see's you eat
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# 5 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:12
Face the facts, Penny, he lied, you make him sick when he see's you eat Its probably true.
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# 6 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:21
Forget about that it's his mother who is cooking him dinner just for a moment.

You call him asking him to go for dinner with a few hours notice and he says no because he has already arranged with someone else that they are going to cook him dinner, That doesn't sound unreasonable to me??

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# 7 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:22
Well Mammy's food is always best

I love my mum and am proud of it lol

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# 8 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:29
No sash - MY MAMMY makes the best coddle in Ireland
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# 9 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:29
What sort of a person would he be if he dropped previous arrangements (dinner with mammy) just to grab a bite with you???
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# 10 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:29
coddle foddle
my mums shepards pie with peas is legendary
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# 11 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:30
I beg to differ...loads of people including myself cook better than my mother.....
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# 12 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:32
Well she cooks it for him everyday and I think thats the problem.
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# 13 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:32
I think, Tom, our mammies should have a celebrity coddle-off with a death match with louise woodward being the prize for the loser!!
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# 14 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:38
Culchie question?

What is in coddle? I am visions of milk and sausages?!?!
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# 15 : Friday 3-2-2006 @ 13:39
@missy, its something you chough up when you have a bad cold
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