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Gay Footballers
# 1 : Tuesday 21-2-2006 @ 12:51
Not sure if any of you guys bought the paper this weekend but they had this article in it ..

Up until this morning they had another blurred photo in it...

It has since been removed from the online article but here is the photo unblurred ALEGEDLY

Dunno who they are but it's a DJ on the left nad a footballer on the right.

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# 2 : Tuesday 21-2-2006 @ 13:23
The footballer is Ashley Cole - plays for Arsenal I think ??? He is also engaged to Cheryl Tweedy from Girls Aloud (Pop group). They are also due to be married within the next few months ........ Oops !!!
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# 3 : Tuesday 21-2-2006 @ 13:30
I doubt it is Ashley. But if it does transpire that he is the mysterious gay footballer then he will be absolutely slated by rival supporters. The signs were pointing to it alright: he is a "left-footer" after all.
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# 4 : Tuesday 21-2-2006 @ 14:10
i read the article and its littered with lots of maybes and might and could be and sometimes yada yada....they keep saying the story thats rocked football and other then the news of the world nobody seems to really give a shit...

also when i read the article the first week it says the pics were taken at the apartment of the i know they are generally a bit thick but surely if the story is that he is a gay footballer with a girlfriend would he really let then take pictures and not expect them to make their way to the tabloids for cash ?????

looks to me like some nobody who happend to befriend some footballers sold this crap to the news of the world who have been peddling it now for two weeks and without much hoohaaa that they may have expected ?????

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# 5 : Tuesday 21-2-2006 @ 15:00
That's just a bunch of photos from some party or other. Look at the next one in the series.

Shock horror tis our Robbie!
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# 6 : Tuesday 21-2-2006 @ 16:05
aawww I was hoping it was going to be Freddie Ljundberg!

I would be very surprised though if it was Ashley Cole!
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# 7 : Tuesday 21-2-2006 @ 16:27
sure "str8" men always fool round with each other etc

as a footballer my self you would be suprised what "str8" guys do with drink in them lol

so what if hes gay...
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# 8 : Monday 27-2-2006 @ 11:45
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# 9 : Monday 27-2-2006 @ 11:50

Thats hilarious.
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# 10 : Monday 27-2-2006 @ 11:51
Isn't it just, Will!!
Ya gotta love f365 for their piss-takes!!
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# 11 : Monday 27-2-2006 @ 19:03
That mad.....
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# 12 : Friday 3-3-2006 @ 18:08
Looks like Ashley Cole has taken the bull by the horns and is suing NOTW over this article, despite not being actually identified.

Someone should have told him about the precedent set with the "Fathead Brothers" case in Dublin recently, where all the case did was result in the identification of the brothers!
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# 13 : Wednesday 9-3-2011 @ 14:29
A 20-year-old footballer with a famous father has become the first high-profile Swedish footballer to announce that he is gay.

Anton Hysen, who plays for Utsiktens BK, made the announcement in a magazine interview.

The 20-year-old told Offside magazine that it was 'f***** up' that no other Swedish player had come out yet.

He said: 'I am a footballer. And gay. If I perform as a footballer, then I do not think it matters if I like girls or boys.'

As yet, no top footballer in this country has come out, despite major stars in other sports doing so.

Welsh rugby favourite Gareth Thomas and England cricketer Steve Davies are among those to have declared that they are gay.

Hysen admitted that his announcement could affect his career, but added: 'People may call me anything they want, it will just make me even more psyched.'

Anton's father Glenn joined Liverpool in 1989, and helped the Reds to their 18th league title in his first season. He left the Merseyside giants in 1992.
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# 14 : Wednesday 9-3-2011 @ 14:37
Utsiktens BK

Er who
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# 15 : Wednesday 9-3-2011 @ 14:38
Someone said :
Er who

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