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Mc Donald's Ad. Homophobic?
# 1 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 17:46
Re The ad campaign currently run by Mc Donalds fast food stating: "big girl's Blouse"-a term used in England to connotate a gay man, try salads etc. The gist of it is in my humble opinion deragatory to the gay person.

I am just wondering if Mc Donalds would try the same ad campaign making reference to the Black communiy? I suggest not.

Did anyone see the ad, what do they think?

Opinions appreciated, thanks . Paul.

If contribitors concurr, could they log a complaint to the broadcasting complaints commission, and the advertising standards authority.
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# 2 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 17:52
i just think the ad's bad, it's certainly not offensive, except to the people under the golden arches who set aside money for advertising.

If they actually said "not for queers" id consider(though not for very long) buying one. I'd certainly appreciate the effort.
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# 3 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 17:54
I think the ad is shite. The Yorkie "Not for Girls" campaign was tongue in cheek and well done. This one is just crap, and who decided to air it???
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# 4 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 17:57
@Pints please, I am just wondering what the ad campaign is tryin g to convey? In my opinion they are suggesting that gay individuals are wimps, as in "try salads" rather than a big mac, also "Big Girls Blouse" a term featured in the ad campaign, is clearly in my opinion an insulting term, used widely in the UK to connotate a gay man.

What do you think. Is this ad acceptable. It is clearly slagging off the gay community.

@ Happydude, I concur, probably the same ad company
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# 5 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 17:59
I don't see how Paul - I mean it's a stupid ad but I can't see any offense caused by it
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# 6 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 18:02
God I'm outraged - this sort of homophobia surely can not be tolerated - I'm disgusted now that I even eat in this place

God I suggest we all contact the federation of mcdonalds and campaign for this sort of homophobia to be taken of air immediately!

Whats going on with the world today - first Tubridy and now Ronald!

God where's my pen and paper !

I'm outraged!
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# 7 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 18:02
lets face it EVERYONE ought to try salads more often.

It's cleary more offensive to women, not that it even is.

effeminacy, or to whatever "big girl's blouse" refers has nothing to do with homosexuality it's time gays stopped picking up on anything mocking imasculate behaviour as homophobic behaviour.
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# 8 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 18:06
I never took that meaning from Big Girls Blouse. To me its like calling a man an old woman. Nothing whatsoever to do with being gay. Perhaps you're confusing the blouse part with shirt lifter?
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# 9 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 18:08
in my opinion it is the gayers that take the most issue with big blouses of all sorts. except on jessica fletcher. or jessica felcher if we can cross-contaminate topics a bit (AMG 2006)
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# 10 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 18:09
Ah Thomas with an attitude like that we will never move forward in society ..

I say let's boycott them - I can cover the one in Blanchardstown if people can cover other stores nationwide?

This is blatant homophobia - I may even get in touch with Tubridy to highlight the case tomorrow!

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# 11 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 18:11
queer jiihad! bomb the burger! bugger the burger
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# 12 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 18:11
I don't eat in McDonalds anyway. Not that I'm snobby about fast food (as if) but McDonalds food is icky.
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# 13 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 18:19
If that's all you've got to get uptight about, then you have little to worry about in your life and should consider yourself highly fortunate indeed.
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# 14 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 18:27
The ad got my attention alright, but I don't find it offensive. I don't have a girlfriend anyway.
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# 15 : Thursday 23-2-2006 @ 18:28
no mcds is a rip off, chips that are like lead in a pencil and burgers that look as if a car ran them for the ad i cant think of way some ones that are offensive.
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