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DL Call For Boycott Of Kiss
# 1 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 14:11
Following numerous complaints regarding management of kiss DL has raised the questions. Should we boycott as the organisers are not listening:

Complaints include
Customer roughhoused by bouncers in vicar street venue, organisers side with bouncers.

Cusotmers make complaints of groping by males in Kiss, organisers ignore.

Drinks spiked in Kiss, several customers affected. Organisers laugh and do nothing when advised.

Several fights in one case woman rendered unconcious by headbutting incident, bouncers throw the unconcious victim out, keep the perpetrator in and refuse to call an ambulance on "orders from organisers". Organisers refuse to respond requests to come forward and explain.

Thoughts people?

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# 2 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 14:16
Who is DL?
Is she the female of DU?
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# 3 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 14:19
DL = Dublin Lesbian community
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# 4 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 14:22
Close enough.

Boycot is the way.
Also write to your TD and email Senators.
Also post the boycot operation on as many boards as possible.
Also get as many people as possible to write to them. And post the letters directly at the door (no stamp required) explaining why tonight you will be spending your money elsewhere:

Do your pretty women "so you are on commission?".
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# 5 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 15:40
Went there yonks ago with a friend of mine - not really my scene for obvious reasons, however I did note the chap on the door was a real hard nut who used to do temple bar in the 90s but was given the sack from pretty much everywhere after continual incidents of abuse and manhandling. I'd be careful with this bloke. If he says you've had enough - he means it.
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# 6 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 15:57
The glorious pink pound is a many splenderous thing. Of course we sometimes whine about venues and often get told "if you dont like it open up a venue yourself." But surely the organisers of these places owe a modicum of respect to their customers? This is not a flamin charity event they are raking it in from hundreds of gay women at every venue. Shouldnt there be some give-back? Personally I think this situation is intollerable and the organisers of Kiss should be ashamed of themselves. This is not very "community" minded. I personally wholeheartedly support a boycott. Let someone who gives a damn about the community that gives them their bring home bacon take their deserved place in the stead of the pink rip off merchants.
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# 7 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 16:06
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# 8 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 16:10
That does not address the genuine complaints. Whether or no one individual was lucky enough to avoid the fight rough-housing and indifference of the organisers is not the topic. The question is given these continuing circumstances should a boycott be endorsed.
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# 9 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 16:13
I can only be endorsed by those who have evidence of such.
If D. did not witness it and does not trust the evidence she is givne second-hand, who can blame her?

Get others to document incidents in this thread, add a poll, and maybe you can get more people in for it.

I do already boycot Kiss by not even knowing it existed :-)
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# 10 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 16:19
Yep get your point. So allow me to point out that on the last outing of Kiss A total of 10 women thus far have come forward reporting that their drinks were spiked in the club. One of these women advises that she brought this to the attention of the organisers who literally laughed in her face.
One regular DL poster (trusted) is the partner of the woman who was hospitalised after the incident in Kiss herself requested the ambulance and was turned down by the bouncers quoting the organisers as the rule makers.
Kiss organisation regularly use DL for marketing and despite numerous requests to them for a respones. NONE have been received. Neither injured party have received a response to direct mails either.
This is by no means heresay.
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# 11 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 16:28
Has a complain been loged in the spiking/ambulance incident?

Is DL still advertising for Kiss in these circumstances?
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# 12 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 16:28
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# 13 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 16:40
So you see no requirement for community responsibility then? Fair enough. I do, this is a commnity we are all part of. Injustice and bigotry will exist as long as we stand by and let it.
I dont see this as a matter for an individual, I see it as a problem in our community and the future of it.
This is my point of view, understand I am not disrespecting or disregarding yours.
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# 14 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 17:14
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# 15 : Saturday 25-2-2006 @ 17:21
The community in question is more a "dialectic" community.

You are not so much part of this community because of objective reasons that becasue the dialectic of a majority who only see you as being "gay". Your being "gay" is all they see: you can only find salvation by making being "gay" a mainstream-accepted feature of your personality.

Now, you do not have to feel for that community if you do not want. But you are then forgetting to feel for the dialectic part of yourself: who you are to society.
You may not care about it. Just remeber that society does.
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