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Would You Vote For Fianna Fáil?
 Poll Choices 53 Total Votes
45.28% / 24 Votes
54.72% / 29 Votes
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# 1 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 11:24
Would you?

Tell us why you are happy or unhappy with their performance in Government.
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# 2 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 11:28
Stopped voting for them. We are being made to look like fools to the whole of the world. The Transport plan, e-voting, rip-off culture, LUAS, decentralisation. There are many more but the Republican Party are a bunch of ahem mé-féiners and do not have our interests at heart.
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# 3 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 11:41
It sticks in my throat to say it but I'll probably end up giving them a high preference.

What's the alternative? I've become completely disillusioned with Labour and Fine Gael. Pat Rabbitte is desperate to pick up votes - even from the most reactionary parts of society - hence his comment about 40 million Poles.

Fine Gael will hop on any bandwagon available. Did anyone see the ructions they tried to raise in the Dáil last week about 'criminalisation' of fishermen who break the law. Noel Dempsey wiped the floor with them.

Ordinarily, I'd be drawn towards the Green Party but they probably won't even run a candidate in this neck of the woods.
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# 4 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 11:41
I would vote Fianna Fail. I think they have done a lot of good for this country in terms of their economic management. I think its unfair to to say we are being made to look like fools to the rest of the world when we are being praised in Europe on our management of the economy. England are looking to us as examples on a range of issues including the smoking ban and again our economic policy.
I think there are certain areas where the current government have problems including public spending, broadband distributation, health and their R&D spending.
@Sashmatta: What is wrong with the transport plan?
I agree with the rip off culture and instead of trying to control this problem they seem happy to just increase the minimum wage thus in turn increasing the cost base for companies and employers here which in turn will prove to be the death knell for manufacturing jobs in this country in my opinion.
Again Sash what is the problem you have with Decentralisation?
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# 5 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 11:42
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# 6 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 11:44
"if they have a good candidate I'd vote for FF" How does that square with voting for bertie?

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# 7 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 11:45
I do not vote for Fianna Fail, but I think we need to seperate the government ie: the cabinet and the civil and public service organisations that actually run the country.

Members of the government are elected by the people and then given a ministerial post by the Toaiseach.

They then take over a department which is already run by an Exectuive and a secretary gerneral etc. The executive runs that department and the department makes recommendations to the Minister who normally signs off on it. The Minister goes on what they say...

Yes the government should be held responsible for their decisions etc but please spare a thought that they are working on the recommendations of the real runners of the country....the civil service.

Governments come and go but its the civil service and public service that are there continuously.

And yea I am a civil servant but luckily I work in a very good department with an excellent track record.

Thats why I always recommend that if you are campaigning for something to make sure that you target the department officials as well as the Minister...
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# 8 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 11:48
I'm sure the poll will show a majority wont, but thats hardly surprising as they dont have over 50% support in general

overall I'm reasonably happy with their performance. Certainly there are areas that can be improved but the alternative to this government is not an attractive option. I think they would only make things worse. It would be a compromise of two visions for how the country should be run, and this would be a disaster. Fine Gael and labour are so desparate for power that they'll compromise themselves.
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# 9 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 11:50
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# 10 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 11:55

Oh dear Dirha. Couldnt you have found someone with an ounce of credibility instead?

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# 11 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 11:57
What exactly would be wrong with Bertie.
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# 12 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 12:11
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# 13 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 12:33
I have never voted for FF and never will. A gombeen party with a gombeen leader.
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# 14 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 12:39
Always did, always will
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# 15 : Tuesday 28-2-2006 @ 12:39
I have voted for them in the past and i probably will vote for them in the Future... It all depends on the other options available of course.. In my areas its many FF or FG with a few independants.

As some have said it all depends on the canditate and how well they will do for the area...

Im pretty happy with FF at the moment, there maybe some areas that they could do better in, but we have a top class economy and unemployment level that most countries would love...
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