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Racism In Ireland
# 1 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 18:45
I know a couple of years back there were similar threads to this one but I thought it important to raise this issue again given the racially motivated attack on a Chinese man in Fairview last night.

I am just curious -- really to hear from people like myself on the boards who are NON-IRISH by birth, about their opinions on racism in Ireland. Irish people, judging from past threads don't think in general, that there is much racism here.

Having come from another country I tend to disagree. I am actually shocked at the level of racism that is permitted in Irish society -- particularly indirect racism.

Anyone agree?
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# 2 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 18:55
I have to agree. Although not really the target of this post, (I am Irish by birth), I have been told by a number of people that Irish people are some of the most racist.

Now,whether that is direct or indirect racism, as in intended or not, I don't know. (Unintended racism to me, would be when someone does not mean to say something offensive but does.)
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# 3 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 18:57
we are a bunch of racists,and anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves.
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# 4 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 18:58
What specifically do you mean by "indirect racism"?

I think racism appears in different ways:
- individuals staring at people who are not of a European background;
- individuals asking peoiple whose accent is not from a native English speaking country or whose skin is not white where they are from
- companies refusing to give jobs to Black people
- councils refusing to provide accommodation for Travellers who wish to remain nomadic
- schools suggesting that another school would better suit the needs of Nigerians or Travellers
- officials in various institutions not providing information or offical or business forms to people from minority ethnic groups unless speicifcally asked for the precise (and correctly named) document when Irish people will be told how the system works and what they need to do
- putting in place English language requirements for jobs that don't need them
- trying to insist that people must use English only in the workplace, including when on their breaks
- insisting that the uniform is the uniform and not making adjustments for sikh men or islamic women etc.

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# 5 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 18:59
@ Robbie come on how do you make that out
Irish and non-nationals
work side by side day in day out
I have never heard of a racist attack
in any work force
have you ?
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# 6 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 19:01
What specifically do you mean by "indirect racism"?

Thats kinda what I was getting at yeah, some of that I would consider indirect racism. Maybe indirect is a bad choice of word....
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# 7 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 19:03
All racism is disgusting. BUT i don't think as a nation we are doing too bad considering the massive changes the country has gone through in the last ten years. Of course we could do better, but as i say considering the absoulute change that has occurred in the make up of the population, the probems are not massive and certainly can be overcome.
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# 8 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 19:04
plus they non nationals are in
the fire service now
and the Garda
I think in general we get on well
of course you are going to have the
odd incident, I think fair play if they come to this country and work
well done, but I do have a problem
with them coming here and living
off our kind nature, concidering
the fact we dont have direct flights
from most of their countries.
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# 9 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 19:05
we have not heard of it,but it does happen,listen close to people talking.it is all over the place.it is there under the surface waiting to brust out.
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# 10 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 19:08
well I think I do agree with one aspect of what you are trying to say
and that being, if the arse fell out off the country, the Irish will be looking for the Jobs they would'nt do when we were doing well ...
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# 11 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 19:10
Indirect racism definitely - I see and hear it all the time
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# 12 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 19:12
please stop saying "non-national" i have a nationality!
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# 13 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 19:15
yeah but you not Irish so your not an Irish National so therfore, Non-national
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# 14 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 19:16
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# 15 : Wednesday 5-7-2006 @ 19:17
yeah so go home ye bleedin firrener
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