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SHEMALE= Ladyboy
# 1 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 01:34
im so sorry that i caused a fuss...i dont mean to.....but my life has been confusing since the day i remember wearing my sisters clothes at age 6....i now know that 'shemale' are exactly what i am or 'ladyboy' in other countrys...whats wrong with that ....i know now that crave that 'something special' n i provide it... just like lady boys do...whats wrong with that... is it holy catholic ireland again...i met my 1st shemale in 1986 n it was like the ugly duckling seeing the swan for the 1st life since has been in turmoile since n im finally coming to grips with who i am...... im not looking for attention... im looking to b annomimous n liv my life HAPPY..thats
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# 2 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 01:36
shemale/ladyboy.. no big deal!
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# 3 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 01:38 conclude she..male is a good description as it says it as it is ... in other words girl/boy as in ladyboy.....girl inside boy....we're human but need other stimulations to find our identity...i hope u understand..thank you...xxxxx
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# 4 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 01:41
there are a few transgendered/cross dressers/shemales on the site!
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# 5 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 01:41
that description might work for you Dora...and whatever you choose fine...
but it doesn't work for many others...because many don't identify with the gendered body into which they were born (i.e. there isn't an equal split as you're implying).

and the trouble with the term ladyboy/shemale is that it really originates in the porn industry...

sorry to hear experienced a lot of trouble coming to terms with your gender dysphoria...glad to hear you are happier now.
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# 6 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 01:43
im so happy a life 'beyond my wildest dreams'...n so
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# 7 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 01:45
that's great dora.
all the best.
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# 8 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 01:48
but still in search of acceptance...i hav gone bac to my sex therapist n she is helping me work it out ....but as i say a lot of times.....ireland is the 'last fronteer' so ignorant to this... i met some Polish girls in a pub in galway n they totally embrased me straight away... irish girls are a bit slow in this department...
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# 9 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 01:50
well enjoy gaire..there's a lot of like minded and broadminded people on here so you should fit in well.
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# 10 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 01:51
I'd hardly say it was the last frontier! I think Irish people's attitudes are changing!
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# 11 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 01:55
i agree with you elat[edit--ooops sorry hardsleeper]...ireland is a bizarre place in that the 'outer image' is one of social conservatism/catholicism etc. but in fact i think it's way more progressive in terms of sexuality stuff than a lot of places.

Being Canadian we think we are the coolest place on earth cause we have same sex marriage etc but the level of individual homophobia that goes on there is much much worse than here...and there are so many people in ireland that experiment with their sexuality...

I think there is more in place in Canada by way of laws regarding transgender issues but again, I think there is more of a social acceptance here.
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# 12 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 02:02
well its just that iv seen it from the other side...ilived in the states n it is so mouch more acceptable to change than we are.... i get a lot of hostility from ....would u believe girls...probly because they are threatened by us... but guys in ireland can b vicious when they are told that so n so is a guy...
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# 13 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 02:05
Well Dora, the nice thing about here on Gaire is you don't have to be anybody but yourself....OR you can be anybody you want to.
Just enjoy the diversity of this little corner of the internet and remember, us Gaireans will always accept you for who you are and what you aspire to be.
Remember too, that the general public's reception of cross-gendering and cross-dressing are deep rooted results of patriarcial conditioning and a lot of the time the hostility you experince is just pure fear from others who have yet to fully explore their masculine or feminine sides.
But you'll find most of the ppl on this site are totally happy inside their own skins, no matter what gender, or any given mix of genders they percieve themselves to be. I for one, on any given day, need to sometimes stop and ask myself; am I today working mainly from my feminine side, or from my masculine side - and I am a proud biological male.
And take solace and comfort in these words; the term "female" is a matter of birth biology BUT the term 'feminine' is a set of culturally defined characteristics and although you can do nothing abou the former, you are, unless you choose to undergo radical surgery [and thats OK too, if you go that route] stuck with your biology. But the second one, being feminine, is mere characteristics that you can choose to foreground in your behaviour and emotions, or choose not to - depending on how you are feeling at any hour of any day.
Celebrate your femininity, revel and wallow in it, love it and Go Tell It From The Mountain that you; Dora, the person who understands his/her own gender better than anyone else in this world and in whatever incarnation you choose to be received in on any given day; that you are here to stay and here to teach some of the ignorant people who are stuck in their own stupidity due to a lack of self-challenge and blind acceptance of a load of silly accepted notions and rules that should have been done away with years ago.
Gender is a mere state of mind.
Be Loud.
Be Proud.
Be Yourself.
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# 14 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 02:24
oh thank u cormo...... those words 'tell it from the mountain tops ' wow i wish i could..n i will take great solice in that..but i will be so happy just to live as dora as 'annomymus 'out there' n feel 'free at last' 'free at last'...
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# 15 : Monday 23-10-2006 @ 09:06
Dora if some people can not accept you for who you are, feck them it is their problem not yours.
Always be who you are regardless.
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