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Around The Continent With My Legs Spread At 180 Degrees
# 31 : Monday 18-12-2006 @ 14:42
Oh The keister I am surprised at you?
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# 32 : Monday 18-12-2006 @ 14:45

Yes indeed.But as to whether I got that from "The Gay Mans Guide to Europe" or whether I was actually there will have to remain my little secret.
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# 33 : Monday 18-12-2006 @ 14:53
@ Bullman. No comment *throws eyes up to heaven in despair*

@ The Keister. No, actaully, I never made it to that particular club. It sounds fantastic though! As we all know getting straight mickey is always a much better notch (or crotch) on the bedpost in conquistadorial terms than just another common-or-garden pansy which you could have any night of the week. I must definitely check that place out next time I go there. One place I went to, which had a labyrinth had a mixed crowd also and you never knew who was gonna wander for a gander down to the dark rooms. You just hope when you open your eyes it's not an old schoolfriend from home. Or your Team Leader. Or your uncle.

In terms of grooviest metropoli to be gay in, I suppose even though the Polish cities are surprisingly cool, they still have a slightly star-crossed feel about them. Vienna is good but it's not that great for action or craic, I found. At the end of the night someone's as likely to say "I enjoy our conversation. I must go now. Good night" as repair home and bump balalaikas with you. Prague seems to be more up for it. And it is the home of the Bel Ami boys. Even still, it does have lots of dodgy fuckers resdiding there. Not just the notorious pickpockets, but I heard that a New Zealand tourist was murdered outside either Pinocchio or Escape last year by one of the rent boys. Scary shit.
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# 34 : Monday 18-12-2006 @ 15:00
@ El.S.

Thanks for that.Yes indeed the Fantasy Club is very well worth the 5 euro entrance fee.Completely chilled and friendly place.I have never been the same since a young guy ,who had failed to perform on stage with a nice lady,took me by the arm and whisked me to an empty cubicle!

No probs there with rent as far as I could see.

Gets a lot of guys and gals just letting off steam.

I found Prague a bit cold and unfriendly.Utterly different to the Hungarians(for some reason).

Much higher crime levels and indeed, on my trip, some fell foul of the pick-pockets.Walked the streets of Budapest at night several times and never got the same uneasy feeling .
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# 35 : Monday 18-12-2006 @ 15:02
El Staighre - You should have this published. I'm after reading out parts of your exploits to some of my colleagues who are in stitches. Hilarious
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# 36 : Monday 18-12-2006 @ 15:10
Ah, that's made my day Clyde - thanks a million! I must admit, I had great craic writing it, with all the memories coming back and all that. So much happened in such a short space of time. Most of that post was written on the back of serviettes, beermats, receipts and assorted other items of paper that it was a nightmare trying to jigsaw it together afterwards! Glad you enjoyed it though
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# 37 : Monday 18-12-2006 @ 15:13
a young guy ,who had failed to perform on stage with a nice lady,took me by the arm and whisked me to an empty cubicle! @ The Keister - I love those kind of stories. they make the trials, traumas and tribulations of being gay almost worthwhile,,,
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# 38 : Monday 18-12-2006 @ 15:52
Oh El Staighre. Just finished reading your opus. It puts DU's Diatribes in the shade and no mistake.
I hear you are getting all gussied up like a teenage jezebel to participate in the G's caberet on Wednesday...are you sure your adoring public are ready for thet much woman?
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# 39 : Monday 18-12-2006 @ 16:16
Oh yes Bulgeboy. It's time I stopped fannying about and showed those cocksuckers how a real trannie does it! And as Dublins first (and only) Online Drag Queen I thought it was time to step out of cyberspace into the real world (which I had heard of and once tried, unsuccessfully, to download) and shake my chimichangas for the delectation of all. Of course, I am a seasoned ballroom dancer, having competed in 2 'Tops Of The Town(s)', 1983 and 1987, as part of the Perri Crisps ensemble, have had vocal training with well-known socialite and former prostitute Samantha Blandford Hutton, been through a self-promotion course with self-appointed media guru Terry Prone and feel ready to thoroughly supplant all the old lags that have been dominating the 'cabaret' scene for years. I just can't decide though - will I massacre a classic, or will I dredge up a song we'd all forgotten about and perform my heart out to it? And more importantly still - will I go for red or purple lippy?
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# 40 : Monday 18-12-2006 @ 19:08

can i come on your next trip?

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# 41 : Monday 18-12-2006 @ 19:46
Riga is a pretty town - the old center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (the same as Tallinn and Vilnius). I can't tell you about the gay scene there, I didn't go looking; besides, the entrances to both of Riga's full-time gay nightclubs are disguised so they are pretty hard to find.
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# 42 : Monday 18-12-2006 @ 21:48
Thanks Niceguydublin and Wheelie Bin. And yeah, I'm definitely not finished with that part of the world in terms of visits and sussing it out. My favourite gay website which does very tongue-in-cheek, but also clever and concise reviews of cities is OutUK (as well as some quite fabulously filthy pornographic stories - including this weeks one "Hello Sailor" - that get updated every week. Guaranteed hard-on at your desk at work) and it has a section on Riga but nothing on the other two. I've often thought about applying/offering to write the 'Gay and Lesbian' section of travel books like the Lonely Planet because they're often pretty unsatisfactory, inexcusably out-of-date, scantily researched and give one no proper 'feel' whatsoever for the kind of places they are trying to describe. The one I used in Berlin for example got almost everything wrong and sent me and my mate on numerous wild goose chases. Which may inspire amusing anecdotes afterwards, but at the time you're, like "for FUCK sake, please God let me go somewhere that isn't occupied by fat old leather queens, piss-and-shit merchants, transsexuals, Russian headgear-wearing lesbians or jockstrap-sporting bears" Sometimes you just want vanilla. Plain old vanilla. If anyone knows any other good similar review sites for the gay gadabout then I'd love to hear about them. There's a bag of soiled cosmetics in it for the best suggestion,,,
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# 43 : Tuesday 19-12-2006 @ 01:18
Really terrific article: what a brilliant writer!

'scuse my ignorance/newbieness: maybe you write for a living, but you really should get this kind of thing deserves a much wider audience: would love to have a book of this!

loved the insights towards the end about feeling at a loss when abroad, no matter how nice the place is; I feel exactly the same way

well done and thanks for sharing
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# 44 : Tuesday 19-12-2006 @ 11:37
Thanks very much galway_direct. Glad you enjoyed reading it. It's having a tough time competing with the Unlocking 3network Mobile Phone thread but nevertheless,,,

Actually wouldn't it be a nice idea if Gaire had it's own 'Travel' section or archive with reviews of cities and their respective gay scenes in Europe and worldwide, written by members? Or even one that gathered together previous threads on the subject. Including tips on where to stay and what to do, etecetera. People could then just click into it if they were going somewhere and get the inside track. I, for one would find this very useful indeed. The OutUK one is really excellent and one of the main reasons why I log onto that site (apart from the free pornographic stories)
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# 45 : Tuesday 19-12-2006 @ 13:12
Great idea dollface! A veritable hodge-podge of fudge packing! Sounds fab!
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