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Sushi! Yay Or Nay?
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57.78% / 52 Votes
42.22% / 38 Votes
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# 16 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 04:06
Im not even gonna comment on that! lol. ok.. should have seen that coming... oh there I go again... give me a break... im working 12 hour night shifts and seriously deprived of sleep here
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# 17 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 07:01
sushi,oh god no.i wouldnt touch the stuff.id say even the smell of it would have me leggin it to barf.
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# 18 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 08:17
If sushi smells Riot, it means the fish has gone off and shouldn't be touched.

I like sushi. What's the difference between sushi and a tin of tuna, or smoked salmon? They are all uncooked.
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# 19 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 08:21
there you go,thats how much i know about sushi
the gas thing is i love tuna.i think its the thoughts of eating sushi more than anything.
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# 20 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 08:45
I`ve had it twice and have to say it`s emmmmmmm....interesting to say the least
.Not sure if it would go to the top of my culinary list.I rekon it was invented bu a cannibal to re-kindle the memory of Mom`s home made stew..
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# 21 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 09:06
Proper sushi is gorgeous, the stuff you can buy in M&S etc isnt that great
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# 22 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 09:10
Sushi would be one of my favourite foods. It is so healthy and I love the not so full feeling afterwards.
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# 23 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 09:10
Mind you I really love wild smoked salmon on homemade brownbread...
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# 24 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 09:10
The M&S stuff is pretty bland. Although it may be a good intro for someone new to it.

If you want to try Japanese food (cooked!), Wagamama's opposite the Gaiety is excellent.
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# 25 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 09:11
love it. yamamori one of my favourite places to eat. as for the sushi itself i love the unagi (eel) absolutely delicious.

sushi, YAY
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# 26 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 09:12
Mmmmm Wagamama is gorgeous alright Alseir *drool* Its very informal and not for a romantic dinner but the food is smashing
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# 27 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 09:15
Wagamama's is a bit like our school refectory! Long tables and benches with everyone sharing the large tables.

Stephanos: Japanese food is light and you can fill up without stuffing yourself.

Hank marvin again!!!!
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# 28 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 10:18
I love Sushi, its one of my fave things to eat...

AYA, on Clarendon St (whlie it is the McDonalds of Sushi) is pretty cool.
And you can get "non sushi" things there.. cooked chicken, pork, spring rolls, noodle salad, tempura (deep fried stuff) and then the sushi, and sashimi.


I miss it ... im on an embargo, i cant go for sushi untill my "sushi mate" comes back from France...

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# 29 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 11:01
I love sushi and have it for lunch 2-3 times per week.
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# 30 : Monday 8-1-2007 @ 11:04
I love sushi.

I don't like wasabi though. Pickled Horseradish and Pickled Ginger are just Gick

Alseir - Tinned Tuna is cooked!!!
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