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Racist Celebrity Big Brother
# 46 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 00:25
(I actually posted this on the main thread but it's probably more relevant here...)

I know that Jackiey referred to Shilpa as "the Indian" and came across an ignorant muppet but did the girls? Don't get me wrong, I think they are bullying little bitches but I'm unconvinced that this is a race issue from what I have seen. If anything it's a demonstration of their inability to understand or be open to different cultural attitudes. They simply don't understand her, and she is struggling to understand them. In Jade world you fight what you don't understand. Before she think things through the mouth is already on full volume and spouting crap. I would like to see actual footage to show racist conduct as such by Jo, Danielle and Jade specifically, all I see is regular bullying (not that that is great either!). I think this has gone off on a crazy tangent and people are jumping on the wrong bandwagon here. Maybe I missed something? Are there links to this?
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# 47 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 00:30
If Jack did call Shipla a paki, she did not show any upset about it
Perhaps BB and Channel 4 are correct and it did not happen.
Agree that it is ignorance more than Racisim.
Loved her retort to Jack when he told her to clean the toilet with her teeth.
I think she is starting to stand up to the bullies.
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# 48 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 00:50
Its funny that its still in the sky news headlines!!
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# 49 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 01:31
I seriously do not think this is a bullying/rasist issue at all,.. no one batted an eyelid when Shilpa, laughed her head off at Jade for her prenuncation of WHALE last night.... they are in the confinds of a house, they are mostly uneducated and very open to editing....i bet BB are rubbing their hands together with glee...
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# 50 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 01:33
I've only seen skynews report on this and not the actual show, but all that was shown was some of the girls mimicking Shilpa. Lots of people mimick others that they are not getting on with, but I think its a big stretch to call these girls racist for doing it. Shilpa being Indian shouldn't make her immune from being mimicked.

Maybe there is something more substantial than this before people started screaming 'racism'
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# 51 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 16:41
Its not gone unnoticed in India either...

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# 52 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 18:39
do they really need to be explicitely racist?
Any such slur would be cut for legal reasons, no?
The fact that they picked her, nad pick on her using what their ignorant eyes see as "racial" traits to bully her... is enough to construe racism/xenophobia.

if she chose to respond to constant bullying by mocking Jade's pronounciation, it is misguided in my view, but as opposed to the dimwits (is it dim-whites?) I can justify her choice:
- she has to use something at the level of the crap they gave her: they are mocking her "accent", she is mocking theirs... which has more impact given that THEY are British and Dirk the American will not understand more than 70% of what they say.
- she has to use something they will understand... she can hardly use wit against them!

She could have think twice about it... but ask yourself why you oppose her one unwise choice of responding to their multiple bullyish racism?

Good for her: they are buying her ticket to the final, and theirs to media hell...
Though the core fans of jade will hardly been put off by racism...
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# 53 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 18:44
There is more than one type of racism, as I've said on the boards time and again - direct and indirect.
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# 54 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 18:51
she's favourite to win now on www.paddypower.com 11-8 odds!
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# 55 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 19:03
http://www.youtube.com/v/L_SOI6XWtnI" > http://www.youtube.com/v/L_SOI6XWtnI" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350" >
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# 56 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 23:11
Just saw Danielle "apologising" if she offended anyone, and BB asking reharsed questions like "do you thing you have learned a lesson."

Sounded extremely fake and I had the impression they were briefed before being called to the Milk & Cheese room.
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# 57 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 00:32
The whole thing is on the front of all the British papers tomorrow, it has been raised in the British parliment and there have been protests in India! A bit much, me thinks!
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# 58 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 00:40
I haven't really watched this series, but have listened to the radio discussing it and the experts are arguing about whether it is racism or bullying.

Both are equally bad in my book, but I would not like to be Jade, Jo, Danielle or even Shilpa when they leave the house because it will be something that hangs over them for a long time.
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# 59 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 00:47
Even 'The Star' and 'The Sun' are attacking Jade which I'm personally delighted about!
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# 60 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 17:05
Just saw on sky news there that shilpa has denied that Jade has in any way been racist to her, this hasn't stopped 'the carphone warehouse' dropping their sponsorship and Jades perfume and books are been taken down from the shelves of 'Outlet'!

Wow! her career is in the skip unless Shilpa helps her out after the show which she probably will!
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