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Racist Celebrity Big Brother
# 76 : Friday 19-1-2007 @ 21:33
10k aint gonna help that white trailer trash trollop recover from this one ... we hope
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# 77 : Friday 19-1-2007 @ 21:35
would love to see her boyfriend getting it on with the indian girl an have her watching in studio bit cruel but hey
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# 78 : Friday 19-1-2007 @ 21:46
well maybe this spells the inevitable end to this Jade wan. Bout time. My sister commented tonight hat she (Jade) actually won BB... is that true? I thought she was in the one after Brian Dowling.. the one Kate won??? Someone correct me... cos I had a screaming match with my sister over it... family fuds eh? lol
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# 79 : Friday 19-1-2007 @ 21:51
Considering the furore she's caused, front page headlines in The New York Times, questions in the House of Commons, fury in India, perhaps we ought to re-evaluate Jade's claim to be the 25 most influential person in the world.

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# 80 : Friday 19-1-2007 @ 21:52
seriously, who came up with her even being in the top 10,000 most influential people! Her shows were on living tv for gods sake!!

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# 81 : Friday 19-1-2007 @ 21:56
I didn't watch it so can I have a brief summary...did she get the boot?
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# 82 : Friday 19-1-2007 @ 21:58
her ring is outa there!!
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# 83 : Friday 19-1-2007 @ 22:00
It's at times like these I am reminded of why I moved out of Britain.
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# 84 : Friday 19-1-2007 @ 22:00

I am not shocked by the white trash comment... I suppose you have much of your cultural references coming from American TV.

But what about the trailers ?
Are you insulting racist Jade by calling her a traveller?
Or are you saying like she does "no of course I am not travellist, it is just an expression, my best friend is a traveller.
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# 85 : Friday 19-1-2007 @ 22:02
I take it you won't be voting for the SNP, shovels?
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# 86 : Friday 19-1-2007 @ 22:26
thats a big NO. I don't agree with devolution.
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# 87 : Friday 19-1-2007 @ 22:40
Only really noticed who this Jade woman is recently but....just saw the leaving scene and no crowd....ohh dear...why is this show still running. If I was Davina I would have jumped by now.
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# 88 : Sunday 21-1-2007 @ 22:12
I think its more bullying than racist.

i hate racist ppl

dont get me stared ct
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# 89 : Monday 22-1-2007 @ 22:25
I was looking at BB over the weekend and I was chatting to my mates about the whole Jade incident. I have to say I feel sorry for Jade. I do not condone racism.

We all know from watching BB and they effect it has on the public viewers. We have our favourites and those we hate in the programme. It is really down to how BB editors present the contestant to the public. There was a lot of the footage edited in my opinion and it is quite easy to make people look bad. The media has a power to sway the public.

From reading the newspaper Jades father was of mixed race. I know she made comments to Shilpa, and seeing the interview she done she realised why she was evicted. I just feel the producers should be fired. If they seen a problem it should be nipped in the bud before it was let fester to levels as it did. It was very unprofessional of them. I mean they were burning pictures of Jade in India. I mean is this not a contradiction in itself?
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# 90 : Monday 22-1-2007 @ 22:35
Ugh this stupid tv show is starting to intrude on my life, its appearing everywhere.

Its guttural trash and getting all offended when guttural trash say stupid things on it is a bit silly.
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