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Racist Celebrity Big Brother
# 91 : Monday 22-1-2007 @ 22:39
I know what you mean Mr. Happy. But in fairness she is a bit of an airhead and she was manipulated. That wasn't fair to do to anyone.
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# 92 : Monday 22-1-2007 @ 22:40
I am offended by bullying. I don't think it was racism, although some comments were arguably quite racist, particularly Danielle "She should fuck off home, she can't speak proper English"

It was bullying and for this Jade shouldn't be let off, she deserves all the backlash she gets. Her behaviour was vile. Her words were disgusting, and the whole thing was actually quite upsetting to watch. If you've ever had anyone scream in your face like that, its not very nice, and seeing it done to someone else is just as awful.

I hope Jo and Danielle are also held accountable when they come out. It was three of them in it, Jade was the ring leader.
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# 93 : Monday 22-1-2007 @ 22:43
True Will, but the producers or "Big Brother" should not have let this happen and let it get out of hand, if Jade was as bad as she was portrayed she should have been repremanded when it happened first not 2 weeks later. I hate Danielle, she is shallow and Jo as well....
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# 94 : Monday 22-1-2007 @ 22:46
I agree the Producers should have been in there like a shot and told Jade to back off or she was out. Last year whenever Gallaway mentioned anything about Iraq or Saddam it was instantly cut out. Why then did they allow Jade Goody viciously attack another housemate, and only step in when the outside world reacted with fury. Because, the ratings were shite up til that moment thats why. The Producers have a lot to answer for, and I think there should be some sackings at Endemol.
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# 95 : Monday 22-1-2007 @ 23:37
A lot of people here or on the air saY "I think it is not racism but bullying", think about that:
- if it was just bullying, why was SHE bullied?
- if it was a class issue, given that nearly anyone in the house was higher class than the Goody Clan and nitwit Sisters, how come only "the Indian" was bullied?
- if there were racist and racialsit comments made by the nitwit sisters, how is it more bullying?

It was "racially" motivated bullying tainted with xenophobia and "british empirism".
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# 96 : Monday 22-1-2007 @ 23:43
Basically it boils down to the producers. They knew exactly what they were at. They seen this problem in the house and in fairness how long did it go on for? Almost 2 weeks. They should have had the common sense to identify the problem and stop it. I'd agree with you 100% Prionsias.
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# 97 : Monday 22-1-2007 @ 23:44

This kind of bullying and racism goes on in real life. Its intersting that so many think it should be sanitised for TV.

Whatever people think of BB, it has provoked a useful debate about what racism is and how it is expressed in everyday life.
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# 98 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 00:07
The Argonauts,

none says it should be sanitised.

We all agree it seems to say it shoul;d be tackled.

We do not say "you should noty have haired it"

We say "you should have done the descent think: air it and tackle it like it should be done in real life.

The producers did what real life peopel do: they blind themselves to the problem, make excuses, and tunr a blind eye.

For that the regulators should denounce it and punish it too.

But that does not excuse Jade in any way: she is media saavy. She was not deceived. Not her, not her mother.
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# 99 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 00:14
Whatever people think of BB, it has provoked a useful debate about what racism is and how it is expressed in everyday life.

Its okay saying that if BB would have acknowledged that Bullying and posible Racisim did take place.
Found out today that they took Jade out of the house immediatley after the eviction was announced.
Jade was given time to prepare her answers and of course she will have denied she was racist, given that she was told the publics reaction.
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# 100 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 00:19
She had been briefed before, as the others, so that she could engineer a reconciliation with "the indian", so that Jade would not look so bad and would have a chance to start "showing" she is not racists.
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# 101 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 01:27
Look...BB is show that creates situations and conditions that allow bullying and prejudice to thrive. Channel 4 know that this is one of the objectives of the show in order to get the viewer numbers up. For them to say that the racist events have "generated a useful debate" is like the owners of Pit Bull Terriers who needle their dogs to psych them up for a dogfight saying that their actions generate a debate on animal cruelty. Channel 4 are an absolute disgrace as they have not faced up to their responsibilities here.

The BB franchise is tired now. Or I suppose its ultimate direction is having live fist fights and the odd killing or two? This is voyeur TV at its worst.
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# 102 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 02:31
Channel 4 are in trouble again because of allegations of racism in another reality show called 'Shipwrecked'.

Has anyone seen this?

The only bit I seen was some 19 year old toff and she was saying-
'I dont like fat people,I dont like ugly people and I dont like foreign people living in our country who dont try to become British. I believe in the British Empire'
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# 103 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 02:36
Danielle...worse than Jade, Jo...spinesless or worse than Danielle! Alas...NOT all inspired by Jade...there appears to be history for Danielle's racial bitching!
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# 104 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 02:42
Jade is in a lot of the papers saying that Danielle was far worse than her but it wasnt shown.

And another thing-

Dirk went to the diary room this morning about Cleo groping him inappropriately and not backing off when asked to. He was quite upset about this.

Big Brother got back to him on the matter about 8 hours later and said they were concerned for his welfare and asked did he want them to take action.

He said 'I asked you to do something hours ago' but had decided to take no further action.

Was this delay because they hoped he would calm down in the intervening hours?


because men complaining about harrassment from women is not taken as seriously?
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# 105 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 02:49
Yes...apparently! Actually I thought Cleo was wayyyyyyyyy outta line on that! She irritated the crap out of the poor bastard! He's 62 for gods sakes...theyre looking to score points off irritating the poor sod!!
And theyre irritated by the fact that he's fitter than any of them ....impressive skipper!

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