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Racist Celebrity Big Brother
# 106 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 03:08
Wow - is Dirk Benedict 62 now? And to think he was face on the A team. He's actually in pretty god shape for his age IMO.

Debbie Harry form Blondie is almost 62 also. Makes me feel young!
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# 107 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 08:23
here there in trouble again. Apparently some black guy got some rascist remarks in some other show.

People are just gonna watch everything and annoy the station until they get shut down. Channel 4 is the best for weird broadcast and if they fuck with it, it'l become like RTE.
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# 108 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 08:42
I think thats Shipwrecked youre talking about Killerkoala

It was on Sky News last night.
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# 109 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 08:44
Yeah, some public school spoilt b*tch was saying she wanted to bring back slavery or something equally offensive
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# 110 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 08:45
She also hates fat people and ugly people and wants to bring the british empire back
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# 111 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 09:12
Im fat and ugly- guess she hates me. Well shes off my christmas card list- so there!
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# 112 : Tuesday 23-1-2007 @ 09:27
I just read this now, some snooty bitch on that show Shipwrecked apparently. Any bets as to who'll be voted off first?
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# 113 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 12:14
Goody Will But India Won't Let Her In
Sky News Thursday January 25, 11:43 AM

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Jade Goody's goodwill proposed visit to India is in doubt - after her visa application was turned down. The 25-year-old was planning to fly to the country next week to apologise for her racist comments on Celebrity Big Brother.

She reportedly applied for a visa on Monday, along with her security team and aides.

But while they were all granted one straight away, the Indian High Commission in London stalled on Jade.

According to the Daily Mirror, her visit is being discussed "at the highest level".

There have been angry protests in India as well as in the UK over Jade's remarks to Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.

Her bullying got her kicked off the show and she has since been working non-stop to restore her public image.

A key part of her plan was to visit Shilpa's home country and try to make amends.

The latest blow to Jade comes after she was dumped by Living TV, with whom she had made three series.

A spokesman for the company said they had no plans for any more.

Channel 4 bosses have ordered a review of CBB's editorial policy after a deluge of complaints about Jade's bullying.
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# 114 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 17:55
I think it is safety first in this cases as they were burning her pictures over there. So I think if she waited another week or two until it simmers down it would be better.
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# 115 : Tuesday 27-2-2007 @ 21:47
In America (where there are more prisoners than in China with 3 times the population...) immigrants (legal or illegal) are LESS likely to be criminals than people born in America.

The longer they stay, the more likely they are to turn criminal.
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# 116 : Tuesday 27-2-2007 @ 21:52
am i missing something but what has usa criminals got to do with racist big brother in england
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# 117 : Tuesday 27-2-2007 @ 21:57
Aparently Jade arrived In dehli in the last few days and managed to piss the locals off with her opening speech..'I Love an Indian..I have a (Faux Uk formulated to pass as an Indian dish..er Dish) Nearly ever night Hur hur'.

So Looks Like she has continued things as only she know's how.

From Todays 'Ever Highbrow' Sun. Kebab Belly goes to Delhi

TV Editor
February 27, 2007


RACE-row star Jade Goody put her foot in it right at the start of her peace-making trip to India yesterday — by announcing: “Everybody knows I love an Indian.�

Food-loving Jade, 25, made the embarrassing pun to local reporters in Delhi shortly before scoffing a plate of masala dosa — an Indian pancake stuffed with potato and fried onions.

It was as crass as showing off her “kebab belly� on Big Brother in 2002. And it will not help her reassure the Indians — who are furious at her treatment of Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother.
Watch the Bully in Bollywood ade’s bid to erase the racist bullying shame that got her booted out of the house soon descended into chaos yesterday. She was besieged at her five-star hotel in the capital by nearly 20 camera crews and an angry crowd of locals. An onlooker at Le Meridien said: “The camera crews were camped out in the lobby, by the lifts.

“Jade was having a nap after her long flight but the TV crews were telling the manager to wake her up.“Security looked like they were having trouble keeping everything under control.�

When Jade and three aides emerged from the hotel’s restaurant they had to fight their way through a scrum of people.Jade said as she arrived: “I’m here on a private visit, for four days. People have been really nice. There are no cameras or anything. I’ve paid for the trip myself. I like the food here. Everyone knows I love an Indian.�Gurmej Singh Pawar was believed to be a tour guide but came second in a Channel 4 hunt for a TV presenter ME 4 T4 in 2005. A source close to Jade insisted the footage would not be used for TV — and said Pawar was only there because he speaks Hindi and is writing a magazine article.

Jade has left boyfriend Jack Tweed, 19, and sons Freddy, two, and Bobby, three, at home. She tried to visit the Gandhi memorial in Delhi yesterday but found it was closed. But she did get to see a tomb.To atone for her behaviour she will also visit two children’s charities in India and make a “substantial donation�. A source said: “She wanted to see the work they do.�

The Essex girl, who has her own-brand perfume bottled in India, has denied being racist but apologised for calling Shilpa “Poppadom� and screeching, “Go back to the slums.�

Yes I know I was Bored.....
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# 118 : Tuesday 27-2-2007 @ 21:59
still puzzeled about desmonds american criminal post
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# 119 : Tuesday 29-5-2007 @ 01:37
Im just looking over flashbacks on youtube of last years celebrity bb.. never actually saw it. Just saw the one wehereby they evicted Jades mother! Im on the floor laughing at it!
Got me thinking though; thats bound to have triggered a 'pist off' switch in Jade and hence leading her onto the later outburst of anger to anyone who crossed her. Do you think it was all maybe a bit coincidental? That BB was out to expose Jade and destroy her? Ok, she shouldnt have said some of the things she said, but she killed off her career through the medium that set it up to begin with; full circle. Hilarious.
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# 120 : Tuesday 29-5-2007 @ 01:43
She was manipulated by the producers, as every contestant is!!
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