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Are Jade's 15 Minutes Well And Truly Over?
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# 1 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 14:31
Given that Jade has been seen in her true colours now - do we think that her 15 minutes of fame are now over!
I know that there are CBB threads...but crystal ball time guys - is her time in the limelight over.
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# 2 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 14:37

add a poll maybe?
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# 3 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 14:40
Who would want to be assocaited with her now?

She might get some tabloid exposure but I think corporates will not want their brands associated with such a moron.
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# 4 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 14:42
Well I had a feeling her return to the Big Brother house would be her undoing, just like it was the Big Brother house which made her the first time around.

I'd no idea it would be this bad though.
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# 5 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 14:44
It would be advisable for her and her mum not to travel to India on vacation for some time..... or it might be a good idea if her and her mum were offered a holiday in India
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# 6 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 14:45
lets all hope that she is finished in all fairness she is the most repulsive person on TV
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# 7 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 14:55
Loved Shilpa standing up to pigface last night when she accused her of being fake.

Shilpa said to Jade
"all you are famous for is this" (meaning the house).. how true she is.

Jo, Danielle and Jade are truly horrendous people.. dont know if what they are doing in that house can be said to be racism but they are horrible bullying bitches.
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# 8 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 14:58
Added a poll
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# 9 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:03
Well if anything, the furore has seen Big Brother ratings rise back up to nearly 5million last night, after they plummeted below 3million at the weekend.
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# 10 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:04
I hope this is it for her. My God! That woman is dim!
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# 11 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:04
I reckon this could finish Jade off. The fact that the Indian Goverment were contacting the UK Goverment about this alleged racist bullying shows just how serious it is now.

I reckon Jo will get a shock when she comes out as she surely intended to use this opportunity to relaunch her career. There's no chance of that now...
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# 12 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:08
As long as people still talk about her we will never be rid of the sad whore and her cunt of a mother.

Might I suggest deleting all threads pertaining to this particular tumour on society?
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# 13 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:12
I just read that a town in India, fans of Shilpa took to the streets with an effigy of the Big Brother producer. Chanting "down with Big Brother" the fans of Shilpa, mainly men, were marching in protest of Shilpa's mistreatment in the Big Brother house.

The march finished with the effigy being set alight.
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# 14 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:13
Wow, Shilpa is going to be a superstar when she goes back to India. Apparently her career had been flagging badly over the last year or so...
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# 15 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:14
"Might I suggest deleting all threads pertaining to this particular tumour on society?"

I thought you'd never ask!

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