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Are Jade's 15 Minutes Well And Truly Over?
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# 16 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:15
Hmm...I haven't been watching it but from what I have heard about her "mistreatment" she must be fierce precious altogether. A delicate little flower who bursts into tears at the drop of a flower petal
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# 17 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:15
It really couldn't happen to a nicer person though could it. Just shows how good her people have bene since she came out of the house the last time - they've done a great job at creating this loveable persona which is now crashing around her ears.
And however bad things are for Jo - what about that dim wit Danielle. Any hope of a career in the media up in flames and I'd not be surprised if she gets dumped by Teddy either - the football campaign against racism would make her a really unwelcome WAG.
RESULT. You've got to love it when Karma comes right. Just pity I can't change my vote on the BB poll to vote for Shilpa!
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# 18 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:21
Indeed, Jo is in for a right old shock when she comes out. Her career was over, but its never gonna recover from this.
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# 19 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:24
sad whore and her cunt of a mother.

@Flurkboy - must you use such misogynist language????? Just like there shouldn't be a space for homophobic language on here, this type of crap should also not be allowed!
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# 20 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:25
It'll be a nice welcome Jade will receive when she comes out of the house. The last time she exited that house I suggested she should be mounted on a large BBQ skewer with an apple stuffed in her gob
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# 21 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 15:35
@Sexynympho: Apologies I forgot the nanny culture we are living in. I should have said:

"that insolent girl and her bad bad woman of a mother"

Incidently if her mother was a man (and she may well be) would you have objected if I had called him a dick?

Please let me know so I can know where the double standard begins and ends. I can be forgetful in my old age.
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# 22 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 16:06
I quite liked your discription Flurkboy,
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# 23 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 16:14
Jade should never have been given 15 minutes to start with. Even 5 would have been over generous.
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# 24 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 16:17
Ok FLurkboy, let's change this around and pretend we are talking about two gay men instead of two women.

how about if i said "sad screaming queen' and that 'powderpuff faggot.'?
I certainly hope you'd take offense to that!

@LL - guess you're not a feminist then.
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# 25 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 16:22
Feminist ...me !!! good god no...

I can bet that flurkboy has used those terms of endearment himself when talking about someone !!
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# 26 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 16:24
That's a shame.

As for Flurkboy - he's gay, it's a different issue...but what if one of Micko's friends said it to him?????
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# 27 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 16:25
Try stick to the topic people!
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# 28 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 16:26
"how about if i said "sad screaming queen' and that 'powderpuff faggot.'?"

These are examples of insults that might generally be used to describe gay people as a stereotype, but when applied against a single individual... well if the shoe fits!

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# 29 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 16:26
is there a thread on offensive language? if not maybe we should start one and let these people whinge about jade in peace.
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# 30 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 16:35
Ive never had any need to play the feminist card...i have other ways of getting just what i want/deserve,
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