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Are Jade's 15 Minutes Well And Truly Over?
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# 31 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 17:19
I heard on the radio in the car this afternoon that because of tens of thousands of angry complaints of racism on celeb BB, the show could be AXED. Yay!!!
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# 32 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 17:23
I'm sure Channel 4 will fight tooth and nail before they see it axed. Particularly having just shelled out 75million pounds to keep the show for the next two years.
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# 33 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 17:41
i think that if they just paid 75m they may have bought a show thats seriously in decline....all the celbrity big brother / big brothers little brother / big brothers big mouth is already wearing thin especiaally as they actual show content has been so utterly crap on this latest one...i used to enjoy it but its so stale now.....annoying twats doing stupid tasks just seems so dated in my opinion...
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# 34 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 17:47
lets have a whip round see if we can raise 75cent because give it a few weeks and we will probably be able to buy the show for that LOL. We can create a syndicate and start a TV takeover produce a new station and call it something really gay! ... from small acorns everyone!
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# 35 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 18:17
Ive never had any need to play the feminist card...i have other ways of getting just what i want/deserve,

feminism isn't a card you 'play' to 'get what you want' LL -- it's a belief system, an ideology!

and secondly, sex cant get you everything what if your boss is a gay male?
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# 36 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 18:19
thats easy sn you just get him some sented candles ... now theres good sterotyping
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# 37 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 18:22
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# 38 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 18:25
works for me and my boss is a gay man ... a real bitch
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# 39 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 18:27
can't stand Jade or BB. I hope they cancel it. She's such a moron. She's not even funny anymore, now you just feel really sad that tv bosses are manipulating her. She's basically a hired freak, a bit like a human car crash, you on't want tolook but have no choice.
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# 40 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 19:00
Sure we already knew she was a bitch from her first stint on BB. I thought that was the whole point of her.
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# 41 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 19:04
It seems her media people tried to spin her as "pigs turned into a sofisticated woman who has kept her popular roots".

It is the gap between the spin and the reality that make it so visible.
People who warmed up to her feel conned.
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# 42 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 19:51
its some world we live in like what a troppop she gets money for old rope its a joke like its so supid
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# 43 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 20:48
This could be the end of BB now.
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# 44 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 21:55
Jade is a disgrace! Her rant at Shilpa was just dreadful. She's going to get some shock when she's booted out of the house...
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# 45 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 22:04
I agree, I tuned in just as the row was kicking off and I have to say Jade is a fucking knacker. I sat on here two weeks ago and said oh she's great, hasn't she changed and matured so much, well she's proved me wrong on that. She's even more minging now than she was the first time around.

What was with the blue thing across the lounge door about? And as for Danielle, thick as shit common wagon, I hope Teddy dumps her. And Jo, well I expected better but knackers the lot of them.

I loved when Shilpa said "This is why you're famous, you're welcome to it"

Now who the hell is up for eviction this week? this show seems to be stuck on a loop.
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