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Are Jade's 15 Minutes Well And Truly Over?
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# 46 : Wednesday 17-1-2007 @ 22:14
Totally agree Will. I sat there watching that "row" with my mouth hanging open. I put row in inverted commas because it was all Jade's mouth in action. Loved Shilpa's little dig though, I would have been tempted to put her through a F**king wall!

Jade has revealed her real reason behind all the bile: "you're not a princess here" Yes Jade, more classist than racist IMO. Shilpa can't win with Jade. No matter what she does, Jade will always see her as stuck up because of her background. Complete case of inverted snobery.

Glad Danielle was spoken to about her comment - totally out of order. The girls won't be laughing when they come out of the house and people tell them about burning effigies in India!

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# 47 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 09:48
feminism isn't a card you 'play' to 'get what you want' LL -- it's a belief system, an ideology!

Firstly SN my belief system is equality, if im good enough for the job etc i should get it NOT because im a woman...etc etc etc

and secondly, sex cant get you everything

Secondly, where did i mention ANYTHING about sex in my post ???
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# 48 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 09:57
Again last night was another fine display of Jade's ignorance, arrogance, rudeness and aggression. I won't mention racist, she's too thick to be racist. That dog should be put down.
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# 49 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 09:57
Quote from Jade" she lied right in me face, lying cow"
Er Jade what about your big lie,weight loss due to exercise regime!!!!!!

Jade deserves al the bad publicity and more!!
Danielle is just thick, when challenged by BB about her f*** off home remark, she didn't even remember.
Jo is disgusting andw ould BB please ask her to wash her friggin hair

Jade has the most disgusting manners, and to excuse herself by saying she is common is an insult to the workig class people she claims to represent
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# 50 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 10:04
Well I couldn't believe what I was hearing and watching last night. Jade Goody is a mouth we know that, but I did not think she was so vicious and nasty. Furthermore I am stunned at Jo O Meara, whatever about Danielle she's a muppet, but Jo being a popstar, having travelled the world you'd think she'd have a bit more cop on.

It was good to see Big Brother asked Danielle what she meant by "I think she should fuck off home, she can't even speak proper English"
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# 51 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 10:08
I do believe though that this conflict is more about class than race. Jade's comment of "you're not a princess here" and calling her stuck up says it all.
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# 52 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 10:15
Yeh Jermaine hit the nail on the head "They want you to pass gas. They want you talk about when you lost your virginity" etc etc. Jade is famous for getting her kebab out on the telly and is clearly threatened by anyone who doesn't seem to be as common as she is.
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# 53 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 10:18
She ain't been racist. Not one racist comment made. Things like"do they eat beef in your country" is not a racist slur. "you big pile of nigger shit" however is a racist slur
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# 54 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 10:35
Anyhoo enough talking about the outdated ideals of feminism....back on topic.

I don't think the future of BB is in danger at all. This whole frenzy about the behaviour of the girls has got the nation talking about it which is pretty much why that bad bad girl Jade and her vacuous family were put in the house in the first place...to get a reaction from the public. I wouldn't be at all surprised that she was encouraged to create animosity before going in and Shelpa was an easy target.
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# 55 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 10:47
No matter how you try to dress it up some of the thinmgs being hurled around are racist! The fuck off home comment is just one of many that are racially motivated.
Yes we can call it bullying, yes we can call it classist - but it is most defintely racist in it's origin. Cleo is from a different social class than the 3 witches yet she doesn't get the same level of scorn. Why because she's older and not competing with them withes for gigs but also because she's white.
But at least now Big Brother is living up to its much hyped original conceipt of being a social experiment. And what a really nasty underbelly it has turned up. Car Crash telly and you can be assured that there will be huge viewing figures tomorrow night to see Jade being filleted live.
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# 56 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 10:54
Don't think her 15 mins of fame are over.
What will be the first thing every media organisation in the Uk and abroad will want to do when she gets booted out?
Interview her about her 'racist'c omments. And she will charge for the privilege too!
So, I think the next few months will see her add handsomely to her already overflowing bank balance.
I heard on radio this morning that she is worth somewhere around £4m. Not bad for somebody who is thick.
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# 57 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 11:20
I heard on radio this morning that she is worth somewhere around £4m. Not bad for somebody who is thick.

I don't think Jade is as thick as she pretends, she has cashed in on the public's perception of her.
Which is a fairly smart move!
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# 58 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 11:26
i agree littleblurt shes probably not as thick as she lets on but she is defo arrogant,igrorant and rude and a bully.and her bf is just as dumb too.i think if anything shes let herself down cause alot of people who maybe before didnt have an opinion on her do now for sure.its in most papers and on all the news channels.i think shes shown herself to be a down right skanger.
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# 59 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 11:29

I hope that after this CBB, Jade will finally disappear from the celebrity circuit, where her irrating physcial, intellectual and personal characteristics have for too long being present in society. For some particular reason, unbeknown to me, these qualities were endearing for people and allowed her to develop into this 'celebrity', partly also to good management and PR she must employ. Perhaps now, people might give consideration to the values and ideals they create in popular culture.

Another point I'll like to make and that is, there has been many calls to stop or remove the racist bulling and the perprotraitors from the CBB house(assuming its proven, as there is alot of misinformation about, and general hipe). What purpose those this serve. The inital basis of BB, was to get insight into the sociological processes of putting strangers into a house, for some period, with constraints on freedom and privacy. It was a form of social experiement to see how these 'subjects' interacted. this was presented to the mass public. This basis principle has been transformed over the years, with the motivation to increase viewership and revenue, mainly from creating social tensions that the public like, or for want of a better word, in which the public tune into. However, it is my belief that it is not plauable for people to call for the removal of the 'racists' or the ending of the programme because of what happens in the House. It gives us insight into the minds of normal people and in this case celebrites. Racism does exist, and it right that we highlight this, and address it. but we are not addressing it if we take it from our screeens and think what we dont see, doesnt exist as offered by the representations of the British government concerning this issue. BB shows what is happening in society abiet the sample may not be the average person, but it does show light into the general pysche.
I do believe that if the 'racist slurs' promote racism, then it is the duty of TV organisers to stop it.

I do believe though that BB should be dropped on other grounds, it is no longer a social experience into how people interact under moderately restraints( when it was people tunned out), now the organisers subject the housemates to the most manulative actions and often inhumane treatments( to get viewers). secondly, it being destructive to TV in general, where there has been an explosion of reality TV programmes often at the expense of dramas, education programmes, heck BBC TV has reality programmes now. Thirdly, reality TV and BB, has created what is known as the Reality Celebrity, often these reality TV celebrities are the driving forces of poplular culture in areas of dress, fashion, langauge etc, where our magazines, entertainment news is dominated by then. It is right that the opportunity to become famous is open to all, but with that comes a duty and often an expense to personal freedoms, but these celebrities have not earned that right.
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# 60 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 11:44

having intelligance isnt necessarily a condition for making money.
I think Jade, knows how to make money, but she has agents and managers working for her. Her lack of knowledge or the preception she gives out may be real, maybe she plays up to it for her own ends, i dont really know. But my impression of her, is she is lacking in certain qualities i find attractive.
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