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Are Jade's 15 Minutes Well And Truly Over?
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# 61 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 11:44
I do believe that if the 'racist slurs' promote racism, then it is the duty of TV organisers to stop it.

The main sponsor of BB,Carphone Wharehouse has spoken to the Channel 4 Cheif Excecutive and warned them if the problem is not sorted out, they are considering withdrawing further sponsorhip.
They have been told that any further incidents will see the removal of any hosemate thought to be racist.

So Jade's comment to Shilpla "go back to the slums" isnt racist
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# 62 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 11:45
The bitch is fucked!!!

Her days are numbered!!!


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# 63 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 11:49
good riddance to all bullying morons,what sad pathetic creatures they are,arseholes and fools.
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# 64 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 14:41
Nice to see that The Perfume Shop have removed Jade's perfume from their shelves and stated they will no longer be stocking it after her performance on CBB.
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# 65 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 14:57
Jasus if that trend keeps up then in five years time she'll have to appear on some stupid Celebrity Reality TV show in an attempt to revive her career!
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# 66 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 15:19

Judge Judy next...
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# 67 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 15:23
They'll do a version of Princess Nikki, except it'll be Jade having to stay in different countries and deal with different races and creeds.
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# 68 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 15:34
not meaning to be mean to the girl.. but i just dont get it. why is this girl famous? ok she was in BB.. didnt win. shes just so loud and common! and shes not even attractive! yet shes everywhere! entertainment has really gone down hill! enuf already! please just fade into the background!
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# 69 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 16:20
Ah thank god someone is seeing sense, as I said in an earlier Thread, one word, SCUM. always was and always will be. I hear Carphone warehouse have pulled sponsorship of the BB too.
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# 70 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 18:00
I have to say,having no interst in the programme and just barely following these recent developments,Shilpa has showen great pride and digintey throughout these whole incedents.
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# 71 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 18:36

I will admit it that I was a big fan of Jade's, thought that she did so well after BB and marketed herself, obvioulsy with the help of her advisors, read her book etc. I am shocked at what has gone on in the house, because I honestly didn't believe she would be like that, I felt sorry for Shilpa the other night. Have just heard that it's top news on the radio, as I type this, not good, and no one should be treated like that. Jade needs to look and herself and feel shame.
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# 72 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 20:21
Paddy power has Jade at 1-50 to be evicted!
Thank God...she gives farmyard animals a bad name!
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# 73 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 22:18

about your:
I do believe though that this conflict is more about class than race. Jade's comment of "you're not a princess here" and calling her stuck up says it all.

She will claim that all right.
The truth is that most of her slur has been in the "racial" lexicon.
From time to time she tried to rationalise it (for sure "I cannot be racist, that is not possible").
Her vocabulary and insults have been rarely about class.

The truth is that she cannot stand that the "Indian" belongs to a class above her, and is obviously more classy and intelligent and educated.

How can the Indian be better than her?
That is what she cannot stand.

She has had no class issues with the journalist, or the American pop star Jackson.
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# 74 : Friday 2-2-2007 @ 18:26

I moved it to this thread as I thought it was more appropriate.....
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# 75 : Saturday 3-2-2007 @ 10:21
Blown out of proportion by he producers.

Jade is nt a racists, whe is just under educated.

Why is gvt spending money on teaching "10 languages" to some, and only half-english to Jade?
That is teh real issue: class and communitarist politics.
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