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Are Jade's 15 Minutes Well And Truly Over?
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# 91 : Saturday 3-2-2007 @ 10:48
how can she be a TV Star anyway, she is not an actress, so all she knows is reality TV. A lot of people are getting bored with reality TV so how much longer does she expect to have a career
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# 92 : Saturday 3-2-2007 @ 10:58
It would be hard to have any sympathy for Jade and company after watching her/them in action...

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# 93 : Saturday 3-2-2007 @ 11:00
They are three innocent girsl abandonned by a society more busy with promoting "diversity" than valuing its own children.
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# 94 : Saturday 3-2-2007 @ 11:04
They are not innocent and they were busy promoting themselves.
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# 95 : Saturday 3-2-2007 @ 11:07
how do you figure that desmond, since CBB is designed to give Z-list celebs a boost to their failing careers?
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# 96 : Saturday 3-2-2007 @ 11:08
If all you want is the last word, have it.

And when you are expelled from your own country for speaking Irish in public, just leave and close the door, but do not complain.

I am talking about years of neglect in their early education.
But you know that.
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# 97 : Saturday 3-2-2007 @ 11:11
what neglect in their early education, your post did not make that clear. Jade Goodys education or lack thereof is not an issue, it is her poor upbringing and ignorance that is the point of discussion.
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# 98 : Saturday 3-2-2007 @ 11:14
Upbringing/education: big difference.

Read three posts over the ones you reply to, and you will see that what I meant was clear... if you only wanted to understand.

How can I win an argument where the point is to portray a liberal bias, rather than truth?
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# 99 : Sunday 4-2-2007 @ 00:37
well we are all bloody voting and adding comments now arnt we, most people are racist, whichever race we are.

Nothing sinister was said... Popordom! i cant even spell it but ive called people (any race worse in my live) and ive told many people to fuck of home. No matter where they lived.

Shirpa was fav to go b4 the racist (blown out of propotion) row because she was too controlling and was a bitch. Jade just made things in the than boring house FUN. And that's why BB kept it goung, edit it to make it worse and didnt apologise.

I still like Jade. And i will buy her next book as for Shirpa who will remember her next month = not many.
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# 100 : Sunday 4-2-2007 @ 00:44
If all you want is the last word, have it.

And when you are expelled from your own country for speaking Irish in public, just leave and close the door, but do not complain."

Oh my - I'm somehow trying to have the last word in a thread that I hadn't posted on for 67 posts... this is certainly news to me. Well since you wanted me to have the last word, the last word is: Presbyopia.

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# 101 : Monday 5-2-2007 @ 13:05

According to sky news, jade's been kicked out of rehab for being "too angry"...
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# 102 : Monday 5-2-2007 @ 13:26
Shilpa was on GMTV this morning and even she keeps telling people it wasn't meant as racism but the interviewers don't want to listen. On skynews this morning they were talking about Jo O'Meara pronouncing her name O'Meera, and then the reporter said "or as she likes to call herself O'Meara" (pronounced the correct Irish way like O'Mara). There was an allmightly row about Shilpa's name being misspronounced and they can't see the pot and kettle situation here.

People need to stop the madness and move on with the satisfaction that a lesson has been learned to think before you speak and try not to offend people (even if unintentionally). It was the perfect opportunity to deal with the issue of bullying and I don't think this was done in a positive way by the media turning the issue into the circus it became. What got me is that people were quoting out of context and coming up with opinions that were based on other opinions and heresay without even watching it themselves.
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# 103 : Friday 22-6-2007 @ 09:30
It was announced on Sky showbiz that Jade lost her baby.. Poor Jade..
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# 104 : Friday 22-6-2007 @ 09:37
Aw god the poor woman
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# 105 : Friday 22-6-2007 @ 09:41
ery sad.. but is this another piblicity stunt to get her back in the public eye? Cruel maybe but cant help saying it after seeing her actions in The CBB house. She's probably running low on the nest egg now so is trying to worm her way back.
Shes not the first woman this happened to. Why go public with it? Its a private matter.
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