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Are Jade's 15 Minutes Well And Truly Over?
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# 106 : Friday 22-6-2007 @ 09:43
Christ Moggie show the poor girl some sympathy for fecks sake, no matter what she did she must be bloody gutted, give her some slack for god's sake
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# 107 : Friday 22-6-2007 @ 09:47
Aw,thats so sad
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# 108 : Friday 22-6-2007 @ 09:51
Reality TV star Jade Goody is said to devastated after suffering a miscarriage.

According to The Sun newspaper, the mother of two was just under twelve weeks pregnant when she lost the baby she was expecting.

Goody and her boyfriend Jack Tweed have just bought a million pound house in Essex together.

Jade was ecstatic earlier this year when she discovered she and 19-year-old Jack were going to be parents.

She told The Sun at the time: "I'm thrilled. Jack is over the moon too, but it has come as a bit of a shock. We are still telling friends and family."

A source told The Sun: "Now she is absolutely devastated. The pregnancy came as a surprise, though she and Jack were looking forward to the baby after a very tough few months.

"She was taken to hospital and told there was nothing the doctors could do. It was very early days still."
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# 109 : Friday 22-6-2007 @ 09:54
Someone said :
ery sad.. but is this another piblicity stunt to get her back in the public eye? Cruel maybe but cant help saying it after seeing her actions in The CBB house. She's probably running low on the nest egg now so is trying to worm her way back.
Shes not the first woman this happened to. Why go public with it? Its a private matter.

Well she had already announced she was pregnant, so she had to say it.. She did announce the pregnancy a little soon, she might not have had to go public about the miscarriage if she left it to 4/5 months like people usually do. I dont think her motive was to get back int he public eye. .
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# 110 : Friday 22-6-2007 @ 09:56
whatever her motives losing a child like that is very hard for anyone. I have seen a few friends go through it. It is one of the most traumatic experiences for a woman.

I think some sympathy and understanding wouldn't go astray. She isn't a very nice person, but no-one deserves that.
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# 111 : Friday 22-6-2007 @ 10:30
Ive already said its very dad. but people like her should be steralised!
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# 112 : Friday 22-6-2007 @ 10:36

I for one think she has a mouth like a slapper but I think she has a pretty face. She'll go far.
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# 113 : Friday 22-6-2007 @ 11:01
Poor Jade! The woman is a fool with a big mouth but I feel very sorry for her! She must be nearly at breaking point at this stage after the year she has had!

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# 114 : Friday 3-8-2007 @ 14:49
Well going back on my harsh attitude from before, I hope shes in better form now. Shes had a lot of tough luck in her life since the CBB earlier in the year.

I think this link is hilarious. Watch it without the picture and just listen to the sound. Typica women! But it really comes across how she was encouraged by the laughing! Its gas.

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# 115 : Friday 3-8-2007 @ 14:57
that's really funny Noah!
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# 116 : Thursday 15-11-2007 @ 11:03
Jade Goody was stopped by Police yesterday for passing a No-Entry sign and driving onto Oxford street in London, the busiest shopping street.

Jade told the Police officers she made the illegal manoeuvre, because her sat-nav told her to.
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# 117 : Monday 21-1-2008 @ 16:37
Jade is looking amazing again these days and it is all thanks to a Boot Camp she attended.


Jade Goody has dropped three dress sizes after she checked herself into an army-style boot camp to shed the pounds.

The Big Brother star was due to spend just seven days at the New You Boot Camp in Abercrave, but after being impressed with the results she stayed on another week, costing her £5,000 in total.

Goody was forced to tears by the activities she was forced to undergo, including a night-time trek, climbing to the highest point in the Brecon Beacons and having a regimented health regime.

The reality star told the Daily Mail: "The week was a haze of 5.30am starts, jogs, lessons in nutrition and games like boxing, football and rugby.

"On my third day I burst into tears while abseiling and said I couldn't carry on. But everyone cheered me on and I ended up loving it so much I stayed for two weeks."

A friend of Goody said: "She is really pleased with the results. Jade was a size 16 before she went and now she is a size 10, which is a dramatic change.

"She has lost five inches from her waist and feels much healthier. She is well known for her yo-yo weight loss and gain, but this time is determined the pounds will stay off."
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# 118 : Monday 21-1-2008 @ 16:40
3 Dress sizes in 2 weeks !!!!!
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# 119 : Monday 21-1-2008 @ 16:48
So she will be fat again in no time.
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# 120 : Monday 21-1-2008 @ 16:57
Someone said :
So she will be fat again in no time.

That's actually a good thing, so she can go to fat camp again, lose it all over again and make headline news once again...

BTW, someone please remind me, why's this woman famous?
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