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Are Jade's 15 Minutes Well And Truly Over?
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# 121 : Monday 21-1-2008 @ 17:03
I wasn't really aware that Ms Goody had the fifteen minutes to begin with. Now may we please end this freakshow and rightly consign her to the scrapheap of daytime television for all eternity?
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# 122 : Monday 21-1-2008 @ 17:07
She was on Big Bruuuuva!

She actually looks half decent there? If I'd a bag of knobs I'd be tempted to give her at least one of em...
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# 123 : Saturday 7-6-2008 @ 12:46
HaHa Poor Jade

Jade Goody is the worst housemate in Big Brother history, according to a new poll.

A survey commissioned by Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd to coincide with the launch of Big Brother 9 saw 43% of 2,000 respondents name Goody as the programme's most objectionable contestant.

Goody's treatment of Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother caused an international outrage in January 2007. Though Jade has so far failed to get her career back on track, it is believed that a TV comeback could be on the way for her.

Big Brother 8's self-styled It Girl Charley Uchea was the second most unpopular housemate, followed by Big Brother 7's Shahbaz Chauhdry, who left the house after a week.

The top ten worst housemates were as follows:

1. Jade Goody (BB3 / CBB5)
2. Charley Uchea (BB8)
3. Shahbaz Chauhdry (BB7)
4. Grace Adams-Short (BB7)
5. Sandy Cummings (BB3)
6. Michelle Bass (BB5)
7. Adele Roberts (BB3)
8. "Nasty" Nick Bateman (BB1)
9. Nikki Grahame (BB7)
10. Kitten Pinder (BB5)
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# 124 : Saturday 7-6-2008 @ 13:24
Kitten Pinder

What sort of name is that!
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# 125 : Saturday 7-6-2008 @ 13:26
Someone said :

What sort of name is that!

Well her real name is Kat

She was a psycho though!
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# 126 : Thursday 14-8-2008 @ 11:04
Jade Goody is set to appear on Big Brother India and insult the world all over agin no doubt!

The Racist will go into the Big Brother house on it's opening night in a bid to make peace with the Indians *Snigger*

She is reportedly being paid £125,000 for this peace making process.

Would be hilarious I think if she does a repeat performance and somehow insults the nation!

Shilpa Shitface is presenting.
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# 127 : Thursday 14-8-2008 @ 11:07
ah I'm sure she will be grand - her kind are sacred in India.

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# 128 : Thursday 14-8-2008 @ 13:12
Oh I wanna see! Where can I see it?
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# 129 : Thursday 14-8-2008 @ 13:18
I hope she remembers to bring them a welcome gift...

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# 130 : Thursday 14-8-2008 @ 14:29
Someone said :
Oh I wanna see! Where can I see it?

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# 131 : Thursday 4-6-2009 @ 22:16

She's dead a couple of months and no one talks about her anymore.
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# 132 : Thursday 4-6-2009 @ 22:21
there was an interview with her ma in the newspaper on sunday.
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# 133 : Thursday 4-6-2009 @ 22:23
Aren't we talking about her now by bringing her name up?
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# 134 : Thursday 4-6-2009 @ 22:23
Oh right. I see. thanks.
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# 135 : Thursday 4-6-2009 @ 22:33
Only joking Intrepid.
Seriously though i am surprised that with her death there was not more coverage of her life and times but i suppose the media has found another soul to latch upon.

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