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The "Rate Your Last Shag" Thread
# 16 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 12:44
Nope SN...not at all..
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# 17 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 12:45
It was errrm, I've had better to be honest.
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# 18 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 13:01

Edit: don't want to talk about that actually
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# 19 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 13:51
I echo SN on those sentiments
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# 20 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 14:05
Oh ffs mick, the thing about playing the sensitivity card - is don't play it SO often!! Be a little more subtle about it. If i didn't know your nice nature better (from reading your nice posts), i'd almost say that you were playing up the "new man sensitivity" in order to impress some of the women on the site! But of course i know that isn't true.

My last fuck was great.
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# 21 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 14:09
My last fuck was great

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# 22 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 14:22
Naw would never have to do that...
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# 23 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 15:24
Micko, sweetie....

I think someone needs to 'get over himself'....now jump down off that moral high-ground fella, for sure it doesn't exist and isn't a good place for a good looking fella such as yerself to be in this day and age...
spill the beans on the last time you got yer end away!!!!
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# 24 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 15:31
been so long i cant remember it... lol... was with my ex back in october... was the standard... not what it used to be but still nice. out of 10? a 6 id say. just didnt work anymore. guess ive developed an appetite since him that just wasnt being satisfied anymore. before that was the start of september... 9!!! oh my God! why oh why did I fuck that one up! we live and learn
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# 25 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 15:33
Cormo Pal,
Now how could i possibly go and do that...
me being such a shy and inhibited Person...
But did just get invited out on a Date tomorrow Night!
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# 26 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 15:34
Elaborate Mister Micko please...

go on! You know you want to
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# 27 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 15:35
Elaborate on what Mr Cormo
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# 28 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 15:40
the date

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# 29 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 15:42
Well Cormo
Not shure i will go...she just rang...I only had a few drinks with her at a Function not so long ago...
She is extremley good looking but i would think a very posh southsider and me just an average Northcider...although i did appreciate the phone call...
was weird...
Ah well...now back to shagging
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# 30 : Thursday 18-1-2007 @ 17:32
to be honest, I dont really like the feel of it, I would much rather marble floors, which are much easier to clean.

six out of ten
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