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Gaire's Next Meet? March 24th
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# 151 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 17:00
Ah Mc Muck, is the tractor Broken???
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# 152 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 17:04
Can I just say, that when I get out of here and sorted I will need a good night out, so am really really looking forward to a few beers and that!!! It has been some week, and it will be my first full weekend in Dublin since I moved here, :-)
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# 153 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 17:07

...Er Kinda..depends on what you class as 'Broken'
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# 154 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 19:10
Good news folks, Gubu has confirmed that they will be reserving the pool table area (downstairs) for Gaire on Saturday evening.

I'd encourage people to come along, as this may well be the last Gaire meet in Gubu EVER!

Newbies are particularly welcome to come.

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# 155 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 19:12
Well done Cheezypuf in arranging that!!!

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# 156 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 19:12
nice one cheezy can i play sash in a stay on the table game
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# 157 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 19:56
stay away from...

jazz and liquor....
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# 158 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 21:01
there has been action on the pool tables?? godammit.i knew i shoulda joined here earlier.

as a final farewell to Gubu riot I think you should give the pool tables a last seeing to ... you and who??? Emmm sure I will think of someone.

Anyway on a more sombre note I hope to attend.

Emmmm this burger is tasty ...
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# 159 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 21:09
cormo you thicko Niall comes from the norse for victorious one or conquererit is Njall over there and the soft brit name stems from that.And if not for my name sake Niall of the Nine Hostages there would be no St paddys day
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# 160 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 22:02
After the last gaire meet was looking forward to this, but a number of things have intervened to make me miss it. Have a great night all.
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# 161 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 22:22

Hi All, I have just been at the Outhouse and the G and I was talking to the girls and apparently a restaurant is opening up where Gub is now!! Now people probably know this, but I thought OMG a restaurant, so the last meet in Gubu,
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# 162 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 22:27
so next gourmet meet is there?
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# 163 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 22:28
There is no information relating to this closure on the GUBU website, gubu.ie. They do not have a very useful chat area. All the people chatting are named after Viagra and similar medicines!
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# 164 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 22:31
Capitol bars will still have this but that's the story....It's mad because the G is pretty heaving for a Thursday which leaves me figuring why are they closing a Gay Bar, when all they need to do is re-vamp it and open it up again, the business is there..

Bags me a game of pool on Saturday, though someone is going to have to show me how to hold the cue properly. I can play really weell but haven't mastered this yet!!!
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# 165 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 22:33
dont ask sash unless you have a spare sling
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