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Gaire's Next Meet? March 24th
 Poll Choices 45 Total Votes
8.89% / 4 Votes
8.89% / 4 Votes
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# 121 : Tuesday 20-3-2007 @ 16:55

On average how many poeple go to the Gaire meets. Is there a particular side of Gubu that all the Gaireians sit/stand/frolick/lick or whatever. Does Gaire have there own corner or anything. If I do go how will I recognise any of my fellow posters?

Emm its a toss up between Kiss and Gaire meet.
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# 122 : Tuesday 20-3-2007 @ 16:57

Well Coolchick, why not go to both, that is my plan, the excitment of it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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# 123 : Tuesday 20-3-2007 @ 16:59
We usually end up downstairs near the pool table and we take up the whole downstairs...makes it a whole lot easier to find us.

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# 124 : Tuesday 20-3-2007 @ 17:11
Will have to see if I can swing that. Kiss is on Friday night isnt it? Dont know if I can go to both.
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# 125 : Tuesday 20-3-2007 @ 17:54
As was said earlier, GUBU have been notified, they know there is a Gaire meet there on Saturday. They have been asked to reserve the downstairs for the sole use of Gaire. They are aware that there were over 50 at the last meet, so this time, with advance notice, the number of bar staff will be adequate.

If it's your first time at a meet, walk into the bar, get yourself a drink, then go downstairs (the staircase near the front).
Most everyone downstairs should be from Gaire.

http://www.gubu.ie/info.php , for map
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# 126 : Tuesday 20-3-2007 @ 23:25
Hope to be at this meet myself. Will this be the last meet in GUBU?
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# 127 : Tuesday 20-3-2007 @ 23:32
If Gubu is gone by June, it may well be
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# 128 : Tuesday 20-3-2007 @ 23:44
I'm not going to make this one guys as I was recently in Dublin and will probably be in again in a couple of weeks.

If Gubu is closing before the next meet I will deffo make it down for a special mini meet.
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# 129 : Tuesday 20-3-2007 @ 23:46
A Gaire Special Meet will be in order yes if Gubu is to shut its doors, sorry to hear you won't make it Thomas.
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# 130 : Wednesday 21-3-2007 @ 00:00
Well Loosie has agreed to provide seating for fifty people outside his apartment if the worst comes to the worst,nibbles the dog will deliver the nuts while minnie the driver will transport them*im tired,o/k?tuar dom briste!
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# 131 : Wednesday 21-3-2007 @ 00:31
who took your trousers butters?
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# 132 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 12:27
I'll be there. (thats a pint of coke, by the way)
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# 133 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 12:29
How right you were Thomas !!!
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# 134 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 12:29
Gubu is supposed to close its doors this weekend
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# 135 : Thursday 22-3-2007 @ 12:35
So we could be some of the last people in there, how sad and historic!!
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