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Harassed At The Gym
# 1 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:15
I'm a mostly regular gym goer and over the past month or two I've been chatted to by an older, obviously gay man. While initally I had no problem with this, besides being distracted when I was trying to concentrate and keep my breath, it's developed into more of a problem in recent weeks.
One Friday morning when there was no one else about he asked me would I go to lunch with him after the workout, to which I gracefully declined. This didn't bother me to much but I would have prefered not to see him in there again, just thought it might be a bit awkward. So I started going to the gym earlier to avoid him.
However, on Wednesday he arrived when I was nearing the end of my workout. I nodded hello but that was it. I went to the locker room to get changed and he appeared shortly thereafter despite having only been in the gym for 20 to 30 mins max. It felt like he was following me to be honest. Then, get this, he took off his clothes and strikes up a conversation which made me feel very awkward having to shower and change in front of him. Just when I was ready to leave he then asked me did I want to go for a 'drive' with him in his car. I just said thanks but no thanks. I'm still kicking myself for not just telling him to fuck off!
Anyway, it ended with him saying he might see me this Friday if I'm in.
It's really made me nervous and awkward about going back there.
What, if anything, is to be done? Any advice?
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# 2 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:17
eiher a) change gym or b) do the smart thing tell him your not into him and to fuck off bothering you!
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# 3 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:20
Try and vary your routine for a few weeks by going at different times. If he doesn't get the message, then as Beethoven said, just be honest and say "no".
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# 4 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:21
I don't wanna change gyms as I'm all paid up till October at this one.
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# 5 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:21
but make it ruthless and soul destroying ... then he will never hit on anyone ever again and ruin all self confidence that the man once had!
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# 6 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:21
its sooo simple!! report him then tell him that you reported him then start touching yourself and licking your lips.
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# 7 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:23
Well he said he's not a full member and pay's per visit, probably because he only goes to look at men. Dosen't do much working out either, just kinda sits around mostly.
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# 8 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:31
Best to tell him to FCUK off in the nicest possible way (however u do that?) cause if u don't it could drag on, otherwise in his mind there is still a chance...
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# 9 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:34
why don't you jst tell him straight up that he's making you feel uncomfortable and you would prefer it if he wouldnt talk to you, failing that jst completely ignore him and pretty soon he'l get the picture....there's nothing worse than that type of unwanted attention..but honesty is the best policy...how does he know ur gay tho? bit forward on his part loike
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# 10 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:35
Well I've turned him down politely twice now, so if he tries again I'll GOD DAMN BLAST HIM!
I'm already thinking of what horrible, soul destroying insults I can send his way.
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# 11 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:36
I'm not camp and I'm not sure how he knows I'm gay. All I can think of is that maybe he saw me in a gay bar sometime.
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# 12 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:40
Well I had a fat guy wank AT me in the showers of Crunch Fitness, On my way out I stood at reception, waited till he can down and turned around and said to the receptionist "excuse me but that disgusting fat old shit was masturbating in the showers" - I havent seen him since.
A venom laden "FUCK OFF!" should do the trick LTC
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# 13 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:46
i've a sneeky suspicion that LTC might like this! why on earth would anyone tolerate this more than once? if they don't like it?

have fun with him, do what powdie did!!
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# 14 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:47
Sounds like Powder has the answer.
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# 15 : Thursday 25-1-2007 @ 18:49
I certainly don't like it! He's gross and I have a boyfriend. I just don't want to create an atmosphere in the gym.
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