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# 1 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 13:20
its a very sensitive subject i know.ive just heard on the news that we have a very high count of suicide and self harm.i know a few families affected by this.are their enough facillities out there to help people/families that are in this situation??it still seems to be a very tabboo subject i think.
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# 2 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 13:30

Riot, it is a very taboo subject, but one that should be dealt with more openly, for the sake of the people who committ suicide and the people that may leave behind. There has been so many cases at home of this, and especially in young males, not trying to sterotype here, but that's just the facts. One guy, who had been drinking on that evening, in the our local, gave all his bank cards etc to his friends, said he would be be needing them where he was going and left the pub, his best mate followed him home, and then the two guys ended up dead...

Lods of other cases and alot of people I know have been affected in some way, but trying to tackle the issue is anothe problem. Talking about problems etc, but you can't make people talk....
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# 3 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 13:35
Im listening to the news at one myself and the main problem is that there isn't enough services for people who self harm. I know in my own experience they only would have offered me a place in a hospital if I had noone to look after me at home. My parents had to bring me home and I think they were afraid to insist that I got treatment. This was when I turned up in A&E about twice a week for about a month.

Its not fair on families with no medical training having to deal with a family member like this with no help at all.
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# 4 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 13:42
You can't imagine what hell a family goes through following a suicide. One thing which shocked me last year was that in the space of three months, 26 men took their life in the Ballyfermot area of Dublin alone.
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# 5 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 13:45
@ Penny...hope you are ok now.

The services in this country for people with mental health problems are terrible.
We have one of the highest rates of suicide in 15-25 year olds in Europe.
A friend of mine used to self-harm a couple of years ago when he was very badly depressed. It frightened the life out of me can tell you. He eventually went to his GP and spent the next 12 months off his block on tranqualisers which did not help him at all. Why would any doctor give tranqualisers to someone with depression? Tranqs don't address the root cause of depression, They just throw a blanket over the problems.
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# 6 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 13:48
yeh i could not believe that about the ballyfermot area untill i heard it from two friends of mine who knew some of the men that had killed themselves..
Really Sad
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# 7 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 13:50
Well if its an anxiety disorder that you are suffering from that its tranqs that are used to treat it. In a perfect world a GP wouldn't be allowed to prescribe this kind of medication without the patient seeing a 'shrink' first. But there aren't enough services so people end up with either inadequate treatment or no treatment at all.

But what is causing it all is what gives me the odd sleepless night?
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# 8 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 14:12
Hi Riot,

there have been some previous topics on this that generated some good debate, you should search for them and read through them, it always makes sad reading but educating ourselves is the first step to helping one another.
Don't ever be afraid to bring it up.
As sad as it is, unfortuantly it has become a part of the modern world we live in. And the answer you will find is no there are not enough facilities in place, but changes are a foot, lets hope they come sooner rather than later.
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# 9 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 14:19
oops,sorry.i never thought to check for other threads.it was just i heard it on the news.thanks ff.
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# 10 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 14:21
god don't be sorry, as I said it can never be brought to our attention enough
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# 11 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 14:22
5 people i know in the last 6 months have tried it. Two successfully.
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# 12 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 14:29
Last week a guy who lives in the cul de sac behind my parents comitted suicide.. He was only 33... he was the third person in a year to comitt suicide who cam from that cul-de sac.. there are only 12 houses there..
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# 13 : Saturday 3-11-2007 @ 22:14
My family had to deal with a suicide so I know how hard it is for families who have lost loved ones in this way.
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# 14 : Saturday 3-11-2007 @ 22:21

They help people who self harm and are suicidal...They are really good...I attend there every month (used to be every day) They are also free but rely on donations...Its stupid that a place like pieta house isnt government funded...they do an excellent job!!!

Suicide and mental health in general is a huge problem in this country...people are ashamed to look for help and when they do look the majority of the time its either non existent or really expensive!!!
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# 15 : Saturday 3-11-2007 @ 22:26
It is a problem and should be addressed more and more helplines should be set up for people who are self harming themselves. the goverment should spend money on these and not other things such as roads and housing.
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