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Trouble Sleeping
# 1 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:19
My sleep pattern seems completely out of whack these days, anyone else got any good tricks that dont involve tablets and all that?
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# 2 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:22
i wish i had some tips or tricks cos i tell you id be trying them myself.my sleeping patterns are mental lately aswell.
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# 3 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:22
Watch boring TV.
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# 4 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:23
am waiting for the late late repeat but am getting to the point where I am so fucked on the pattern Im going to crack into the emergency valium
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# 5 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:23
ive had trouble of late and i have to admit i love my sleep,think its stress lots goin on at the mo.hope to be back to normal pattern soon.
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# 6 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:24
Listen to something like Kate Bush and gradually lower the volume until you can barely hear it.
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# 7 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:24
I wonder is it anything to do with the up and down weather patterns of late?
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# 8 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:29
it very well could beethoven, also i am just wondering are u working late or have you some stressful problems as well ?. I was working overtime in the last two weeks and i had some work stress shit as well and i know my sleep was shite
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# 9 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:30
ok this is goin to sound completly insane but hopefully someone else experiences this (if not jst smile and nod lol) but my energy goes over the top when there's lightening, thunder strong winds etc...during a new moon i get the same buzz or somethings its freakn bizaree....ive litteraly told no one cuz its pure daft lol. havent been sleeping right at all since christmas and dat sucks!
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# 10 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:31
Supra i am not being smart, i genuinely never heard of anything like that before.it sounds very very odd.
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# 11 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:32
i blame it on stress.i tried sleeping tablets before and they scared the living shit out of me.that real drugged feeling you get is awful and i had some scary dreams with them aswell.never again.
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# 12 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:34
supra do you find you have a very hairy back at certain times only ... perhaps some hair on the hands, and a few claws? LOL

jim work was a bit all over the place last week so that may be a factor but if I dont get some sleep tonight Im going to be like the anti christ tomorrow

where they Halcion ned?
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# 13 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:34
no ur not shyjim i know and aknowlege how fucked up it is. someone frm another site suggested electrical currents in the air may have something to do with it
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# 14 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:36
I am sleeping about 4 hours a night now, am I depressed? maybe. it might improve or it might not.
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# 15 : Monday 29-1-2007 @ 23:37
beethoven im not sure,i cant remember the name of them.i wouldnt mind,they werent even a strong dosage,maybe its just id never taken them before.
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