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Can You Be Racist Sometimes?
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# 1 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:02
Last Thursday night Proinsias and I were playing tit for tat (he came out of it the much bigger person I assure you). But I used the fact that he was French as a way to insult him and I wasn't nice either. At the time I was blissfully unaware that what I was saying were racist remarks and it wasn't until it was pointed out to me over mail (and proper order to) that I realised they were racist comments. Now I've never considered myself racist but obviously I am to some degree and all weekend I've been thinking about it and why I found it acceptable behaviour. I've come to the conclusion that up until now I've only considered it to be racism if its against an ethnic group as opposed to a nationality. An example would be I hate the word "Ni**er" but I'd have no problem calling a coloured french person a "frog" and there's other examples that most of us are, to some degree, guilty of like using Chinese food as a reference to Chinese people, who has never said the words "Fucking Brits" or called an American person a "Redneck", even we accept being called "Paddys" and we see it as nothing but it is racism. so (besides from the fact that I'm going to be more aware of what I say now) going by what I've just said have you also been blissfully unaware of being racist? I don't mean jokes here otherwise we'd all be guilty of it, I mean insultig a person because of their nationality.

I'm creating a poll but separating it into genders too just to see if it's more prevalent for a specific gender (TS people, for the sake of this use your born gender if voting because most of the influence growing up would be in your born gender role ).

The thread is here by the way if you's want to see it but I deleted the comments and apoligised to Proin: etc ...
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# 2 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:11
I suppose the honest answer Kazzie is that I don't really know. I live near Blanchardstown and the are uses to have loads of foreign doctors. they integrated, spoke english, married Irish girls, etc. We got on great with them despite the cultural differences.

Now, however, there are an increasing number of financial imigrants. They don't integrate, and make little or no effort to meet locals or get involved. I suppose this is because they don't intend on staying here for very long, whereas the doctors were here for the long haul.

I regret to say it has changed my opinion. I suppose there is a racist streak in everyone, once its tapped into. Whether or not it has actually resulted in racist behaviour, I'm not sure. Blimey, I hope not.
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# 3 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:14
I think we are all a bit racist. We even have terms for people from different parts of Ireland, as well as from other countries.

Though I would say all the Romanians begging in town are making me much more racist these days. Some of them will not leave you alone.
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# 4 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:14
Beggars drive me nuts. I couldn't care less where they're from!
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# 5 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:16
No but irish beggars sit on the ground and maybe shout something at you. But the romanian ones keep after you and in your face. It is not pleasant at all and quite annoying after a while.
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# 6 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:16
I honestly think i am not and have not been racist.While in uk i was given all the paddy and Mick stuff.I wondnt think i was being it racist while watching a match if i shouted at the taafes or scots but if that is wrong i am guilty.I would never hold a colour race or creed against anyone.
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# 7 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:21
irish beggars sit on the ground and maybe shout something at you. But the romanian ones keep after you and in your face.

the cheek of them coming over here and taken from our beggars!!!
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# 8 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:21
Thats what I mean. We claim not to be racist but still use nationality to justify our remarks but god forbid we call someone a "ni**er" because thats racist but saying "Chicken flied lice" is also racist yet we find it acceptable.
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# 9 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:21" >" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350" >
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# 10 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:24
i've been called taffe a few times but it wasnt racially motivated... i know some of my family are racist and i'm guilty of not challenging them...

i dunno... i hope i'm not racist, i hope i'm balanced but, like u kazzie, i'm not gonna know until its said to me... so far i guess i'm not...
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# 11 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:24
OK keep it on topic people, the fact that it's taken 7 posts to single out a nationality is a bit racist.
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# 12 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:27
Very intersting post kaz and it certainly got me thinking.I Would never call a black man a n*gger or a chinese person a ch*nk. Some of my french freinds call me a paddy and I call them a frog, its all goodnatured banter.Likewise I ave been called a paddy by my english mates and in return I have called them a black and tan feckerI dont have amy American friends but I usually refer to them as yanks, the british as brits( even the british call themselves brits i.e the brit awards) To be honest I think this is pollitical correctness gone insane.However it can depend on the intent, for example if I were having an arguement with a french person and if i called him a fucking snail eating frog than that would be racist whereas a harmless joke between myself and a french friend where I call him a frog and he calls me a paddy is not racist same applies for the use of brit. Its all down to the intent. Of course some racial remarks should not be used even in jest i.e using the N word.
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# 13 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:29
Here is one example where I was racist.

When I heard last week that the Jack Lynch tunnel lighting were destroyed by a truck I imediately assumed that the driver was foreign. I don't know why, I just did. Maybe because he would not understand the road signs about the heighth of the tunnel.

It turned out I was right too about the driver being foreign.
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# 14 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:46
But I mean using their nationality to insult them. It's no secret that the Irish and the British have a history and at least once a day I'd hear a remark about them or Americans too by people who wouldn't consider themselves racist but it is. So maybe we just have an incorrect view of what racism actually is? as in what we find acceptable may be more racist than we think.
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# 15 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:47
To me the word racist refers to a notion that a respective race are genetically i.e physically or mentally inferior than another race.Im not sure if this is the correct definition so feel free to correct me if it isnt.
But by that standard toyota was not being racist as toyotas presumption that the driver was foreign was based on his reasoning that foreigns are at a blameless disadvantage when driving in ireland as they dont understand the roadsigns due to the language, culture barrier. so toyota was not being racist just prejeudiced. Im not aware of the exact discourse between kaz and prunsias but if she said something like "frog" than she wasnt being racist as she was not attacking the genetic abilities of the french race rather their culinery inclinations which would amount to a mild form of franco-phobia but it was not racism if my definition is correct. Sorry I know this may contradict my initial post a bit but I started thinking a bit more about.
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