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Can You Be Racist Sometimes?
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# 16 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:52
Racism = idea that races do exist.
(which is a scientifically incorrect assumption)

Rascialism (what people usually call racism) = the idea that one "race" is superior to others.

Xenophobia = fear and hate of foreigners.

Nationalism = assumption that one's nation is superior to others.

Calling people names = desperate attempt to use any means to make others feel bad.
When using "race", sex, nationality, traveler community, etc to call names it reflects two things:
- intellectually challenged logic;
- a deep-rooted hatred of the group used for the insult, as they are seen as "insulting"...

And it takes someone of a superior intelligence to arrive to the conclusion that they strayed in that path, and realise that they were mistaken. And not try to make excuses for themselves about it.
Good on you Kazzie.

It is irrelevant if calling name based on nationality is technically racist or not. (Techincally it is not). The idea is the same: calling names based on a prejudice.
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# 17 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 20:58
Thanks Proin for the concise, if somewhat unessassary, definitions but I think I was clear enough that everybody knows what I mean.

It is irrelevant if calling name based on nationality is technically racist or not. (Techincally it is not). The idea is the same: calling names based on a prejudice.

I personally find my comments to you were racist, so it's not irrelevant. The point of the thread is not "Was I being racist" I already admited I was being, it's have others done the same without realising it.
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# 18 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:00
No prob Kaz'
Sarah O was unclear on the definitions so she asked for clarification.

As I mentionned the technical terms are irrelevant, the important is the existential practice associated to it.
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# 19 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:02
Thanks for the definitions proinsias. I never used the term racialism but I may in the future
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# 20 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:15
Don't worry, few people do, or even know it.
It is conveniant thou to avoid confusions: racists can be racists by ignorance. They are mistakingly thinking that races do exist.
Racialists are always violent ignorant. They are the one we usually call "racists".
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# 21 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:17
I think everybody is racist on some level...not necessarily in a 'i hate' type of way...but racism also comes in the form of ignorance as well.

as long as we are humans and define and identify ourselves through a process of othering we will always, on some level, be racist.
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# 22 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:19
I think it would be good if consciousness was raised that there is in fact only one race on earth-humanity.It would give the truly vitriolic racialists one less reason to cherish their stupid nazi beliefs.i.e celtic wolfes
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# 23 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:20
I disagree with your statement that everyone can be racist SN. Frankly I couldn't give a damn where someone comes from as long as they are willing to get out and work and not bludge off the state I don't care.
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# 24 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:23
True but the question remains are we prejediced in thinking that foreigners, as a group, work less than natives. I say the opposiate is true asians chinese ect work like japanese beavers.
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# 25 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:25
I think that the non Irish in the work force make better workers. The Irish are of two factions, either total work addicts and can do nothing but work or total lazy fucks that do the bare minimum
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# 26 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:25
Racism, Lucifer, is about a lot more than you imply with regard to not caring as long as people are working...but inherent in that sentence is something that suggests an underlying racism based on ignorance.

I think, as I said every person is on some level racist...and not only white people.
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# 27 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:31
Nonsense SN there is no racisim in my post. All I mean is that as long as someone is out there earning an honest living does it really matter what race they are. The time to become indignant is if they break into your home or steal from you. That's not racisim it's just a normal reaction.

Someones skill colour or Country of Oringin doesn't impede their ability to contribute to Society and aside from that the influence from other cultures can enrich life.
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# 28 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:31
Beethoven, don't turn this into another one of your right or left wing(I neither know nor care) extremist quest to point out the evils of the non-taxpayer. Keep it on topic or post somewhere else.
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# 29 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:32
There is some truth in that sn people from the middle east consider us inherently decadent and devoid of morals. Some conservative japanese believe the "gaijin" non japanese are inherently inferior due to the old fundalmentalist shintoism which claimed that as the emperor was descended from the creator god the japanese people are superior to other races which was partly used as a justifcation for the rape of nanking and other war crimes in ww2. Of course after japans defeat the emperor had to renounce his divinity but some conservatives still believe non japanese to be inferior.
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# 30 : Monday 28-5-2007 @ 21:33
And Lucifer, I agree with the second part of your post wholeheartedly...I'm merely trying to show you that racism isn't as simple as disliking people of a different skin colour.

It's about how we define ourselves against the other...

What I was taking issue with in your post is your need to associate the 'race' debate with 'earning' a decent crust...the discussion about work and race is one that is put forward often times out of racism.
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