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Can You Be Racist Sometimes?
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# 61 : Tuesday 29-5-2007 @ 10:44
Not usually but those Romas that hang around town every goddam hour of every day are really trying my patience. Well, at least that little ****** who sits beside ATM's has finally been nabbed. From today's Irish Indo:

A 15-YEAR-OLD Romanian boy, who took part in a slick ATM scam and stole €200 from under the noses of people as they were withdrawing money, has been remanded on bail, pending sentence.

The boy's bail conditions state that he must "stay out of the Dublin 1 and Dublin 2 areas, obey a curfew from 8pm to 8am and to stay away from any ATM".

So no more accordion music on Georges Street then.
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# 62 : Tuesday 29-5-2007 @ 10:55
In the last few months there are tons of Roma Gypsies on the bus every morning

Has it totally escaped you that Dublin City Centre is the Monte Carlo of the Roma world?
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# 63 : Tuesday 29-5-2007 @ 13:06
In the various arguments I've been involved in over the years on US foreign policy, I'd say that on a few occasions, I've come damn close to making racist anti-American comments.
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# 64 : Tuesday 29-5-2007 @ 13:37
im not racist, i hate everyone!!!
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# 65 : Tuesday 29-5-2007 @ 14:11
We all came form some back water burg in Africa so whats the freaking problem.
Anyone who is racist is a blinkered moron who couldnt think straight with a flashlight and a yard-stick.
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# 66 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 10:25
Everytime someone makes a racist joke and dismisses critisism by saying "it's just a laugh", they laugh at the oppression of other people based on their race.

Why is a racist/accent joke funny?
because you have a prejudice against the targetted race/nationality.
You find them "funny", and you laugh your fear away.

There is no exception: a joke which is only funny if a racial/ethnic/national minority or group is used, is a racist joke.
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# 67 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 10:41
And a special welcome back to One-Issue Winnifred and her high horse.

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# 68 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 10:48
Come on,

it is not fair to use "racism" as a way to abuse people.

What I said was not intended to offend you or SexyN.
It was just an example, and it worked: you know immediatly what I meant, I do not need to explain the genetics behing blue-eye genes.

So if you find it racist, it is because you have racist prejudices yourself!!!
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# 69 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 10:55
By one-issue, do you mean the one that you consistantly support?

Every time some one says something racist or against travellers you seem to be keen to find them excuses.

After Jade is such a role model for porkey-coloured men.
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# 70 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 10:57
@ cheezypuff

that youtube clip sums it all up great find ..
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# 71 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 10:59
If you talk about the "everyone is racist sometimes", it was already used in a past thread, and you may not be aware that it is actually against racism, but used on webiste by racists who want to feel better about themselves.

That is another thing about racist: they can only feel better about themselves by laughing at others.

Self-hatred, especially body-imaged based, always reflects in the hatred of the appearance of others.
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# 72 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 11:08
You’ve just posted

After Jade is such a role model for porkey-coloured men.


Self-hatred, especially body-imaged based, always reflects in the hatred of the appearance of others.

And still you appear too stupid to recognise your own bigotry and racism?

If anyone on this thread is spewing bile, racism, and personal abuse, it’s you Toneire. If you represent the fight against racism, there’s little hope for minorities.

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# 73 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 11:12
pieces of you" >" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350" >
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# 74 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 11:14
For you a biggot is someone who cannot accept racism in it insiduous forms?

Because when it comes to say "racism is bad" you answer the call.

But when the time comes to live it, to actually practice it, you prefer racist jokes, Jade-the-pi**, etc.
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# 75 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 11:16
I would not go that far as to say that Cheezypuf is an ugly girl.

That is out of order.

Seriously Stimpy that video is excellent: it shows how racist joke is self-hatred linked to self-image issues.
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