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Can You Be Racist Sometimes?
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# 76 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 11:22

But when the time comes to live it, to actually practice it, you prefer racist jokes, Jade-the-pi**, etc.

Here we go again - Cheezypuf likes racist jokes. Toneire, you've no idea about my taste in jokes. Yet again, you're branding everyone here a racist.

Every thread you've got involved in on Gaire, you use as a vehicle to call everyone a racist. If racism is a blanket condemnation of groups of people, then you're practically a member of the Klu Klux Clan.
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# 77 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 11:25
Racism is an umbrella term often defined in many ways by many people.

To some racism equates to violence, abuse, bullying etc....while common jokes aimed at "paddy Irishman, Paddy Englishman, Paddy Scotsman..etc" are quite ok as no-one is perceived as being harmed.

Likewise you have those who go above and beyond claiming racism from rather innocent statements. Someone referring to "the Chinese Man up the road" can be claimed racist as said man should not be referred to by his nationality but rather referrred to as " The man from china who lives up the road"...

As with alot of things Racisim was a problem and as such needed to be addressed however some people tend to go above and beyond the necessary so yes ALL people worldwide, regardless of intention are racist when taken in the strictest context of the word but this does not mean all racist comments are intent on causing hurt. And by limited those so strictly under threat of eing labelled a racist it has served to confuse and upset the general population.

To the most PC of us, yes people are frequently referring to others or defining them due to colour or nationality but this is not an act of racism and merely a way of speaking with no negative intent.
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# 78 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 11:25
Not everyone: only the people who make the underhand racist comments, or support them.

Usually the same 2 or 3.

And saying "every thread" is a blanket judgeemnt you know is untrue.
But every time I raise the issue there is the same person jumping at my throat as if defending racists was more noble than exposing them.
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# 79 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 11:35
You've trying to paint yourself as a self styled exposer of racists, and you've just said White men stick together. in a thread on kidneys.

That's one of the most racist comments I've ever seen on the boards. You are a hypocrite, a bigot and an idiot.
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# 80 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 11:43
You are faking offense ("one of the most racist... as if").
You feel it as racist because, well, it is against you. How does it feel?

But I have been made fully aware that it was not in my interest to contradict a Mod who has so many issues to deal with.

So you are totally right in everything you see, thing, feel or otherwise express.
You are a source of infinite wisdom and please oh please make sure to delete any trace of my offensive truths. MAke sure to make yourslef look good by deleting and editing my posts. Because you are worth it, master of our though and keeper of the morality of the site. Because you are right to attack posters who threaten your authority.

Toys. Pram.
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# 81 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 11:56
Oh, what a load of rubbish Toneire. You make a generalisation about me, based on the colour of my skin, and now you're trying to deny being racist? If I said all black people look the same, or all Asians are lazy you’d be the first to start howling about racism. So why doesn’t saying that all white men stick together fall in to the same category?

You are a bigoted, racist, who yearns for nothing more than to cling to victim hood and be offended. I had hoped you'd have come up with something new to say, but clearly I overestimated your intellect.
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# 82 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 11:59
You know I used the "all white men stick together" to make you feel what racism victims feel like.

You now I did not mean it as a literal statement but as a cynical turn of phrase.

It is funny as you see racism when it is aimed at you, but think it is just a joke when it is not.
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# 83 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 12:01
No, it's only you who thinks racism is funny Toneire. And every time anyone points out your bigotry, you hide behind the excuse that you're doing it for a reaction.
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# 84 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 12:02
Not really. I could laugh a joke poking fun at Ireland. An entire show doing solely this would be a different matter. What you seem to be up to is sitting back waiting to be offended.
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# 85 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 12:50
I think we all make instant judgements on the basis on someone's race all the time. Its just a way of categorising people. But I find once I am friendly with people their race or religion or sexual orientation really doesn't matter.

I have found that people are all pretty much the same no matter what part of the world they are from. We all have the same hopes and problems and its really only etiquette that is different.

So I think I can be racist in what I think about people sometimes but its not going to stop me from mixing with people from all over the world.
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# 86 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 12:51
I think we all make instant judgements on the basis on someone's race all the time

I don;t because I choose to ignore the prejudice of race: they do not exist.

Nationality and origins, they exist. Not race.
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# 87 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 12:55
If you read my whole post their Toneire you will realise I just said what you have just said. Plus you obviously do make judgemenets about race when you made that little comment about white men.
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# 88 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 12:59
of course races exist... choosing to ignore it is a wee bit blinkered...

i'm sure u mean u choose not to let it cloud ur judgement...
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# 89 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 13:02
No, races do not exist.
They are a recent invention.
"Ethnic" origin is the clostest you can get to something that does exist. But that cannot be defined by the colour of the skin (see the Irish in the Uk or the Uttu/Tutsi in Rwanda).
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# 90 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 13:05
But thats just being pedantic. Your average white northern european can't tell you the difference between a Tutsi and a Hutu, even if it was the Belgians who made the distinction in the first place.
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