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Can You Be Racist Sometimes?
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# 91 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 13:08

So how can you say that races exist, if the average person does not make the distinction further than the skin colour?

Skin colour exists, not races.

And the Uttu feel like they are a different "race" from the Tutsi. And they see it in physical feature other than skin colour.

So races do not exist, and categories by skin colours are ignorant and dangerous. no?
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# 92 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 13:10
And what about the distinctions made in Rwanda I seem to remember they were fatally dangerous.

I fail to see what bearing your argument has on this thread.
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# 93 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 13:10
Checked wiki "National Association for the Advancement of Couloured Peoples. Its very stereotypical and prejudiced to say the least.If I was black Id be offended.
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# 94 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 13:14
differences in race goes deeper than skin, skeletal differences can identify race even in the absence of other evidence...

race exists...
racism exists...

being racist is a learned response...
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# 95 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 13:19

the only way tomake sense of what he says is to assume that he means "races are made up", like in the case of Ruanda.
They are made up and dangerous: we saw the result in Ruanda.
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# 96 : Saturday 2-6-2007 @ 13:30
Nationality and origins, they exist. Not race.

i would say that in this day and age it is commonly accepted that a person can be 'racist' against a countrys people, regardless of colour.
that has been accepted as 'racism' for as long as i can remember.

'homophobic' does not mean 'fear of homosexuals', in the same way, it means a dislike, mistrust, hatred, etc.

anyone who thinks they can only be racist against a colour is usually covering up for their own issues
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