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Funny Random Statements
# 1 : Tuesday 5-6-2007 @ 14:41
What is the funniest random statement you have recently heard?

My partner and I were in Cork for the past few days. We were in a friends house and one of our Cork friends said "(Insert name here) off into town, sure the big queer bash is on" my partner and I looked puzzled at each other until we realised what she was talking about....we didnt know gay pride was on, talk about getting your wires crossed.

Also a friend was slagging me for a laugh so I called him and "ass banger" the room was full of people and soon enough I had people coming up to me and asking what the hell is an ass banker...bah ha random.
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# 2 : Tuesday 5-6-2007 @ 20:18
I think you need to look up random in the dictionary Jaysus.
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# 3 : Wednesday 6-6-2007 @ 23:57
Cork people speak a different language,very musical and sing songey in parts,you shouldnt mess with them,they're funny and very random.
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# 4 : Thursday 7-6-2007 @ 00:16
kangaroos cant walk backwards !
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# 5 : Thursday 7-6-2007 @ 00:18
"Carry your cross don't drag it"!!! My mums favourite when my dad annoyed her with his complaining.
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# 6 : Thursday 7-6-2007 @ 00:57
ah sure its far from your arse,you wont sit on it.
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# 7 : Thursday 7-6-2007 @ 01:29
You fell like a begonia...with grace!

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# 8 : Thursday 7-6-2007 @ 23:14
ok I got one but please note it was me who said it and my brain does operate on raidon sometimes.

The day after my best friends 30 we where sitting in his back garden in the recovery position of two beers in our gut, sun shining pleasant afternoon, craig ninety.

I said "Sure let have another Shins Up"

laughter from friend and sis.

"You know what I mean .... a knees dig then".

More laughter had to wait from them to finish for the to explain the joke. But we had a great ole shins up and knees dig that night
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# 9 : Friday 8-6-2007 @ 00:20
Nothing like a little mangled hiberno english,up the shinners.
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# 10 : Friday 8-6-2007 @ 00:50
We chipped glasses and had a very rare ole time after words butters, it was great.

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# 11 : Thursday 8-11-2007 @ 20:58
I was talking to someone about hormone treatment and where it's got being St. Columcille's Hopital, which having grown up near there was always Loughlinstown to me. At the end of the conversation that someone said to me realy seriously, "I always thought that was Columsillies".

I haven't stopped laughing all day
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# 12 : Thursday 8-11-2007 @ 23:03
I know I'm posting at myself but still laughing at it, does noone else have my sence of humour?
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# 13 : Friday 9-11-2007 @ 00:38

I used to think Royal Liver Assurance was pronounced liver as in your organ..
I used to think Deluxe was pronounced de-luke for some reason! I once referred to a Hotel De Luxe as "Hotel De-luke" probably thinking because there was an e after the x that it was silent.
And a couple of years ago an english friend pronounced Templeogue as Temple ogew
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# 14 : Friday 9-11-2007 @ 11:05

Christ I just left a voicemail for a customer and was looking at the screen as I was speaking, I think I said, Hi Tom This is %&*( From &^%$ and I just wanted to follow up on that quote, Give me a call back about the piddle and I'll arrange the powdervein for you you'll get me on Feckin Hell What should I do?...ah fuck it, he mighten pass any remarks.
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# 15 : Friday 9-11-2007 @ 13:50

Brings back memories of the day i called a guy i was chatting to on the phone about a possible new job Bugle
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