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Favourite Clothes
# 1 : Sunday 1-7-2007 @ 14:13
What is the most comfortable piece of clothing you've ever worn, and even when it was worn to a thread you felt loathe to through it out?
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# 2 : Sunday 1-7-2007 @ 14:25
Clergy sex is the best!! Talk about Balls like melons!

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# 3 : Sunday 1-7-2007 @ 14:55
had a rugby jumper that never seemed to fade or wear out,loved it,it used to make me feel athletic and scrumptious all at once.
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# 4 : Sunday 1-7-2007 @ 16:29
Have two pairs of jeans that have like a 36 inch waist that I used to fit into to. I'm a 30 inch waist now but I love wearing those jeans around the house as they are so big and roomy. Even though one of the pairs has several holes in it, including a big tear right across the knee, but I can't bear to part with it!
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# 5 : Sunday 1-7-2007 @ 16:43
ive an old pair of combats and harvard hoodie that i will wear to my grave...i love them...couldn't bare to part with them...
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# 6 : Sunday 1-7-2007 @ 16:50
i used to have one of those colour change tshirts and after a long long time it stopped changing colour but i still loved it... it had a really huge thread count, was so comfy...

i couldn't give it away so i ripped it up and used it for rags...
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# 7 : Sunday 1-7-2007 @ 16:57
Someone said :

i couldn't give it away so i ripped it up and used it for rags...

Oh Mike, there's no need to use rags any longer honey. Get some of these down at your local Spar.

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# 8 : Sunday 1-7-2007 @ 16:59
Ah Polo! I was expecting to see a pic of your favourite poncho.
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# 9 : Sunday 1-7-2007 @ 17:01
Ah yes, here you go Catz.
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# 10 : Sunday 1-7-2007 @ 17:02
Puts betty's to shame
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# 11 : Saturday 22-9-2007 @ 19:16
I just got a new black leather bomber jacket, it is so cool looking. I feel a bit dangerous in it so im off to the shops to beat up some old ladies and do the lotto.
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# 12 : Saturday 22-9-2007 @ 19:20
Yeah.. old ladies grrr. lol.

had a pair of nike basketball boots, they were so comfortable, I wore them all the time till they fell apart.

They were so eighties but cool at the time.
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# 13 : Saturday 22-9-2007 @ 21:37
Being a northsider, obviously my Italia 90 t-shirt is still my favourite item of clothing!

But I did have a 'Phat Bastard' hoodie that I wore to death and had to throw out a couple months ago. I was sorry to see it go, and I don't think I will ever find a top as comfortable again.
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# 14 : Saturday 22-9-2007 @ 22:53
I have this giant pink (really not my colour) fleece jumper, that I'll wear when ever I'm under the weather.. it is totally hideous.. but very very comfortable, I've had it about 12 years now.
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# 15 : Saturday 22-9-2007 @ 23:09
All my shoes..
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