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# 1 : Monday 9-7-2007 @ 18:10
HI ALL..............heading 2 alicante late august..plan 2 travel a bit while there..any good things 2 do there bars ..clubs..beaches . cheers xxxx
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# 2 : Monday 9-7-2007 @ 21:10

The only place you should go in Alicante is HOME - as fast as you can change your flights!!!!!. Chav Central, knacker Kindom, Full of Bally Bums.
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# 3 : Monday 9-7-2007 @ 21:33
sounds nasty ouch.. any way gonna head down 2 wards murica ans see what happens... anyone been 2 benidorm looks a good gay scene there maybe for a few days xxxx
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# 4 : Monday 9-7-2007 @ 21:40
Murcia is like little Britain. The further south you go from Murcia the quieter it gets. There is a good road network, including a new motorway so hiring a car is a good idea as the SE coast is worth seeing.
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# 5 : Monday 9-7-2007 @ 21:44
I was there, Benidorm, for a week last September.
I had a great time, I was on my own, but never alone unless I wanted to be.
It can be as 'common as muck' whatever that is, the folk who holiday there are predominantly from Northern England and working class. If that upsets you, don't go.

I stayed here, which I have to recommend, as it is owned by a friend of mine.
Benidorm Old Town is as gay as gay can be and right on some nice beaches.
The New Town isn't very nice, with no gay presence at all, I'd stay away. Its a distance too.
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# 6 : Monday 9-7-2007 @ 22:13
ty guys will go 2 the old town and will ck that site...... only need a few days there then some culture eles were thanks xxxxxxxxxx
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# 7 : Monday 9-7-2007 @ 22:29
I was charmed by a resort that i thought would be dire,its south of alicante*i think*,it was one of the first to become a package destination,worth a visit to Tossa de Mar,you can stay on campsite,beach hut,cheap and very cheerful.
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# 8 : Monday 9-7-2007 @ 23:43
ty butters sounds great a beach hut xxxx
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# 9 : Tuesday 10-7-2007 @ 08:44
Saw this article on GCN a while back: etc ...

Seems that there's a lot more to it than package holidays
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# 10 : Tuesday 10-7-2007 @ 09:57

Let me see now, tips....oh yeah,, DONT GO....

Its where any self respecting drug baron has a "business" i'd rather eat my own liver than give tham a red cent !!!!!!
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# 11 : Tuesday 10-7-2007 @ 14:17
Steer clear if you are from the West. ...ies.
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# 12 : Tuesday 10-7-2007 @ 14:19
I hope there are tips in alicante or where will they put all their rubbish
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# 13 : Tuesday 10-7-2007 @ 14:25
There are. Most times they bury the rubbish under new housing developments.

Seriously though I don't know why anyone would wanna go to that part of Spain. It's tacky and full of Irish. Go off the beaten track, thats what I say. Try Bratislava.
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# 14 : Tuesday 10-7-2007 @ 21:10
ty all.... just back from Krakow a must place 2 go no bad points xxxxxx but just need soom spanish sun... not going on a package.. so we have a car a will travel ..been 2 most of spain so i tought i would try this out ..will let u know xxxxx
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# 15 : Saturday 21-7-2007 @ 22:26
dont go is the tip
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