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Accidental Outing
# 1 : Saturday 14-7-2007 @ 23:58
Hello lads,
To make a long story short: I was out and about in Cork city today, and I ended up in a pub waiting for the crowds to gather (I'm a new addition to the rebel city so I went to the first pub I saw, which is non-scene completely). I met a guy there (straight, btw) and chatted for a couple of hours, had only 2 pints, then I remembered that it is my mum's birthday and I called home to wish her a happy b/day (I'm a foreigner, the time zone is different). She asked me what I was doing and, in pint veritas, I told her I was out with some guy that was *actually my type* and that there was no chance of scoring (not in these terms but...
Now, my mother replied along the lines of "you never know" with a certain nonchalance but only after I realized that my mother knows jack sh1t3 of all this.
This must be the dumbest outing ever, unless she took it all as a joke :P.
For crying out loud LOL.

Bottom line: don't call your mother when you're on the drink (but I only had two measly pints!) :P

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# 2 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 00:02
ha ha ha ha ha oh i thought i was reading something from jackeen.....lol

Sorry mate...
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# 3 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 00:04
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# 4 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 00:09
Don't know who jackeen is, all I know I'm a right eejit . But hey, didn't do it on purpose LOL.

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# 5 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 00:10
lol its your avatar...jackeen has the same one
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# 6 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 00:12
Back to the main topic, I wonder what the hell will I say to my poor mum tomorrow :P.
If only she wasn't the ultimate homophobic like... :P
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# 7 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 01:06
Man, you're gonna have to change your avatar first....
I don't think I can suspend my disbelief from the 'Jackeen Avatar'
I realise nobody has a copyright on avatars, but - jeez, I dunno how to put it into words....
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# 8 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 01:10
Sir, yes sir. I shall change the aforementioned avatar shortly after posting this umpteenth useless message on the board

Edit: Avatar changed, hope nobody is using this Dogbert one on "da boards".

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# 9 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 01:12
Ah now - thats the bizznizz...

No one else uses that one on a regular basis.

So, are you saying your mom had no idea, until this phone call?

Oh and welcome to Gaire.
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# 10 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 01:21
My mother is a traditional old fashioned auld wan, and quite homophobic as such.
You can't believe how many times I had to hear unflattering comments about my friends that were referred to as "ah yes, that queer mate of yours".
I tried to introduce the topic to her in a very mild manner, but she abruptly interrupted the talks with "but who cares anyways, you like girls and I know it for a fact".
She probably never heard of bi people before.
Oh well.
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# 11 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 01:38
You have a good resource in Cork in SGMHP


and there is even a section for your mother

you can print this out for her:

http://www.gayhealthproject.com/content/templates/comingout.asp?a etc ...

Good Luck!

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# 12 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 01:59
Thanks for the links Kevsamo.

It'll take way more than a printout, as the situation here is a bit like my head vs. the big wall of china, anyway from her relaxed answer it has to be that she simply missed out on the gender of the person I was talking about .
Poor me .

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# 13 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 02:23
So you say your a foreginer? Is that like your a non cork person or youre non Irish? Reason I ask is cos you post like an aul Irish lad
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# 14 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 11:33
I'm non-Irish, in fact I'm Italian.
I have lived in Ireland for years though, that explains the Irish slang I use, especially "under the influence" LOL.
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# 15 : Sunday 15-7-2007 @ 18:19
Well, an "accidental" outing can happen. My sister accidentally outed me to a very closed minded aunt who subsequently refused to talk to me ever gain - her loss.

It's up to you whether to come out to your mum or not. Nobody else can make that decision. It's better for her at the end of the day to know who you really are than living in denial. Italy is IMO a good bit behind the rest of Western Europe on gay rights.
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