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Channel 4 Gay Season
# 1 : Monday 16-7-2007 @ 21:27
Channel Four are having a gay TV season, kicking off at the end of this month, for a week or so...

details here...
http://www.channel4.com/culture/microsites/0-9/40_years_on/index. etc ...
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# 2 : Monday 16-7-2007 @ 21:37
Thanks for letting us know Cormo.

Did you see the picture for the very British Sex Scandal?? I never fancied Robert from Emmerdale before now!
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# 3 : Monday 16-7-2007 @ 21:39
I've always said he's got a fabliss bod.

Typical case of 'nice legs, shame about the boat race'
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# 4 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 12:39
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# 5 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 13:57
pure homophobia. Gt should advertise else where
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# 6 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 17:27
It's high time Channel 4 did a season like this - back in the 80s and 90s, when the C4 was the daring "enfant terrible" of British television, such shows were par for the course. Now, they are a rare beast amongst all the cheapening and dumbing down thanks to BB and its ilk.

I note that gay sex has been legal in England and Wales since 1967. It took another 26 years - a generation - for this right to be extended to gay men in Ireland. Says a lot to me about how socially backward Ireland was not so long ago.
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# 7 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 17:52
o his gay sex legal in ireland, why was i not told,
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# 8 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 19:21
Gay sex was legalised in Ireland in 1993. Very late by developed world standards but I suppose better late than never.
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# 9 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 19:30

It's a bit disappointing it's only 5 programmes, stretching it a bit too call it a 'season'.

Having said that most of what has been interesting with gay people on TV in the last decade has been gay people finally appearing as everyday in mainstream TV.

Queer as Folk, characters in soaps, Graham Norton, etc, etc

In fact the whole season idea almost seems a bit '80's & dated, which I suppose is a good thing in that it shows how far things have come ....
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# 10 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 19:38
i love those two guys that are on day time..one does the house finding show and the other is a bit posh and does that cash in the attic type show...there great..and hot...lol
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# 11 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 19:50
they're great...

how IS the horse you rode in on?
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# 12 : Saturday 21-7-2007 @ 01:17
does anyone know if this "season" will be made available either on Torrent or 4od service?

just because it won't make for very pleasant viewing with family in toe, "Excuse me mother do you mind if i switch over from tonights main evening news with anne doyle to watch a very entertaining show about one of your favorite topics, homosexuality"
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# 13 : Saturday 21-7-2007 @ 01:24
Why? Would she not say, of course, son, that sounds so much more interesting!

Seriously, I hope that there are other ways to watch it, especially for people who live with their families.
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# 14 : Saturday 21-7-2007 @ 01:28
I'm so looking forward to seeing Clapham Junction on Sunday night...hot Paul Nicholls is in it...

http://www.channel4.com/culture/microsites/0-9/40_years_on/clapha etc ...

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# 15 : Saturday 21-7-2007 @ 01:32
Someone said :
Seriously, I hope that there are other ways to watch it, especially for people who live with their families.

it would almost seem a waste otherwise
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