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Weird Shit You Did To Your Balls!
# 1 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 15:54
From the wonderful shared stories of a few gaire members in the rant thread (vapour rub, deep heat, chillies!) I think this deserves it own! So what weird and wonderful things have to done to your genitals? Ever get stuck in a vacuum cleaner? Let a cat lick your balls only to end with crying trying to get it claws out? Ever take a cheese grater to your knob end? Share with us and ease that shameful burden!
As a child I used to use my mothers night cream as a wanking aid, she used to be so perplexed as to where it was all going!
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# 2 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 15:55
I shaved my balls a couple of times, that's the weirdest thing i ever done to them I'm afraid
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# 3 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 15:56
Contrary to belief, i dont have any, so have nothing to share,
Cant fecking wait to see Elat's reply though...
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# 4 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 16:00
@ LL, Oh this thread is just as open to vag stories!
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# 5 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 16:00
I let a lezzer put a snail trail on my sack..this was at a party and it was a dare.
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# 6 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 16:02
how did she do that, was it like she wiped her box on yer sack opr did you straddle her fadge?
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# 7 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 16:04
You let a dyke lick your balls? EW!

I fell of the side of the bath and nearly crack my skull from trying to give myself a blowjob as a teen
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# 8 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 16:05

Im trying to think of a falugia story that is revealable
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# 9 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 16:13
isn't a snail trail when a woman wipes her fadge on something? the floor or a bit of kichen roll or example?

once as a student I had discovered I had crabs and rubbed vicks vaporub all over my genitals thinking it might get rid of them only to discover that it burns and I mean BURNS. My ball sack just went red and shivelled up inside me as I hopped around the place.
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# 10 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 16:16
Apart from dousing my hands accidentally in chilli powder and holding it whilst pissing, I've never done anything untoward with my genitalia! Apart from pull the poor bastard at least 12 times a day when I was single.
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# 11 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 16:17
what is it with you guys and vapor rub ??

I love to know how a woman would wipe her vag on the floor...or WHY for that matter ...
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# 12 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 16:19
Someone said :

Im trying to think of a falugia story that is revealable

This is a family show. Don't reveal your bosca bruscar!
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# 13 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 16:19
crabs! ick! nothing works but a full body shave and 2 bottles of derbac-M, or so I've heard!
OH God, flash back of my friend hammered drunk removing crabs with a lice comb - ew.
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# 14 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 16:20
Full body shave? That's ridiculous. You just need to rub some lotion (same that's used for lice) wait a bit, rinse it off and hey presto! You're off to the Boilerhouse again!
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# 15 : Monday 10-9-2007 @ 16:26
your gas...

How in the name of god did you get crabs??

Are they really like lice?
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