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September Meet
# 151 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 09:04
Only a few hours to go until I start my routine:

1) Shower

That's it.

So what is everyone else doing to prepare for tonight?
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# 152 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 09:06
What!, I've already started on mine! :P In the words of the great homer: Lather, rinse, and repeat.... always repeat.
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# 153 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 10:17
I have to get out of bed, go for me brekkie across the street, get me hair done, clean the bathroom and sitting room for Murt's arrival, do some food shopping, have a shower/bath and relax and get ready, have a few beers and head for Nealon's,
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# 154 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 10:19
What happened to your plan of not drinking in the flat before the meet?
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# 155 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 10:26
That is Penny not me, I may have a can or three, do you know Gollum I probably won't have time, have a lot to do today...need to get out of bed first
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# 156 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 10:26
Don't forget to oil up your rollerblades!
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# 157 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 10:28
ive just had a shower.im having a cuppa and going to haul mine and the kids asses into town.bait around as quick as i can,have something to eat,come home,tidy up.get dinner, do my hair,go visit my dad,reef gollum back to mine,fly around like a lunatic trying to get ready,while keeping an eye on x factor and then collapse into a taxi.
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# 158 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 10:34
The best bit of that Riot sounds like collapsing into a taxi...

We will see you later will get you chilled out with a few cocktails and you will be sorted..

@Gollum, all oiled and working perfectly....
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# 159 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 11:08
Someone said :
So what is everyone else doing to prepare for tonight?

Well, usually I dance backwards around a small sacrificial lamb with my face smeared in blood, but today I'm a bit tired.
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# 160 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 11:12
clean the bathroom and sitting room for Murt's arrival

is he coming now? i thought he pulled out, like a good catholic

what do i do to prepare?

i take my time and get as twisted as possible, if i remember the meet my preperations have been a failure.
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# 161 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 11:19
No Loosey hed pulled back in again like a good prodestant!!!

Yeh he arrives later in the day, bags packed for a week stay
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# 162 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 11:21
How long is this meet, cos I need to be in work on Monday?
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# 163 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 11:25
It finishes Monday Morning at seven a.m, we finish with a fry up and hi ho hi ho, off to work we go, and Riot collapses into a taxi and collects the kids...
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# 164 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 12:35
1. Get hair cut
2. Buy new indie t-shirt
3. tidy my room (just in case I get lucky)
4. Have some whiskey
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# 165 : Saturday 29-9-2007 @ 12:36
people get lucky at the meets? Shit, *looks around messy room* I'll have to do some tidying up then... you now just in case.
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