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September Meet
# 316 : Sunday 30-9-2007 @ 19:31
Someone said :
Hi guys had fun at the meet. Went along with Frodo (my heavy metal brother). Was great talking to Will07, Tom, Cheezypuff, Kazzie, Paul, there was a few more sorry if I missed ye!

Had fun anyway felt very welcome thanx to Cheezypuff

Great meeting you too chick
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# 317 : Sunday 30-9-2007 @ 21:31
I had a good time. It was great staying with Penny and Ju again. They greeted me like I was a child that had been away to boarding school. Lol. Cheers again for having me stay girls.

It was lovely seeing everyone as per usual. I'm not going to list out who I enjoyed talking to, as that was pretty much everyone. Mostly everyone anyways. Lol.

Oh well, I do actually mention one person. Muggins, it was great talking to you again. I always manage to have a nice chat with you each time I see you. Looking forward to seeing you again.

The cocktails were lovely, although they definitely had an effect on me. Lol. I was very shaky on my feet, I think I almost fell over about ten times, only for me grabbing onto some poor unfortunate members..(Yes Oein, that IS my excuse for grabbing you all the time, lol.)

Actually I did fall over a stool, but that was Gollum's fault.

There was people that I wish I got a chance to talk to more, and people, that I didn't actually get a chance to speak to at all like Parker..( I didn't even get my a chance to get my usual hug off him..very upset.. )So I'll have to make an effort to talk to those people more next time.

I did over react to a certain incident, but I'm grand now. It's amazing that way silly unimportant things seem like such a big deal after a few drinks. Lol.
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# 318 : Sunday 30-9-2007 @ 21:37
murt honey,you were grand.it was great to see you. love ya loads mister.
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# 319 : Sunday 30-9-2007 @ 21:45
Has that Gollum fella been trying to throw you off balance by creating an obstacle course to the bar for you? You'd want to watch him! He acts so nice it can't be true!

Murt it's always great to chat with you at the meets. Glad to hear everything's starting to fall into place for you after all that's happened. You definitely deserve it.
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# 320 : Sunday 30-9-2007 @ 21:55
I just though, parker looks nothing like "The Tick" he'd wanna change that avitar, he wasn't even wearing the costume!! so disappointed!!!

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# 321 : Sunday 30-9-2007 @ 23:37
The homo is finally HOME!

Last night I was a little bit intoxicated, so I hope that any possible scandalus behaviour has being forgotten or at the least repressed (Some lucky guy even got to fondly my balls in the middle of Nealions! Well ok, the crystal ones on the chain… though darn that still sounds as kinky! lol) I’m sure I’ll forget to name someone who I ranted with (and for those who kept me giggling and whos name so far escapes me... reminf me your names so Ic an cyber hug the arms-iesss of ya!)and put up with me at some stage so expect edits, and I apoligues in advance

Cee dee – Lovely to meet you, it really was so very over due!
Wsmith – Boy, next time you dance!
Jimygo – Who meee twangerrrr!
Firefighter/Backdraft – Heroooooooooo!
Celtic Tiger – You disco dancing diva you!
Frodo – Finnaly!!!
G.Farrel – Awhhhh as cute as ever!
Will – Boy, you are such a giggle!
Penny – You really are a puuuurty lady!
Pixielite – Now that’s a real handshake!
Tonyttt – Was a pleasure to speak with you
Thomas - *bows*
Loosey – Crasy f*cker!
Kazzie – Wow, we got to compare breasts (lol) and I’m still shocked I didn’t recognize you… I’m green with envy, fine man, lovely lady: some just win each way!
Butters: Butters, you dha mawwwn
Murt – Shhh *blushes*
Jupiterkid – Such a dote!
Peteo7 – We lost you at some stage, but thanks for the lessons in drunken road walking safety
Superfour - *winks*
Madguy – Theres always a culchie no matter where ya go hu!

Thanks for the amazing meet people, another one for the memories!
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# 322 : Sunday 30-9-2007 @ 23:47
The west's awake woo hoo!
The east it sleeps,boo hoo!
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# 323 : Sunday 30-9-2007 @ 23:56
Loosey – Crasy f*cker!

you cheeky baldy monkey
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# 324 : Monday 1-10-2007 @ 00:05
I'm not baled, im streamlined!!

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# 325 : Monday 1-10-2007 @ 00:18
Oein's new military style haircut looks soo macho,swoon.
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# 326 : Monday 1-10-2007 @ 00:21
Why thank you butters, obviously I wasnt the only one drunk
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# 327 : Monday 1-10-2007 @ 02:16
Was great to see everyone (all too briefly) last night. I ended up in Ba Mizu for an engagement party and then onto a karaoke place where we were all seriously locked and making fools of ourselves.

Hope to see y'all soon!
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# 328 : Monday 1-10-2007 @ 09:38
Had a great night. The highlight was texting termi to wish him and alseir all the best. The rest kinda paled in comparison!!

It was great to speak to B Boy about South Africa and of course in general. Sorry if I melted yer head! It was great to catch up with that docker of cocks Kazzie and to meet the only other MUFC fan on gaire Superflower!! (thanks for that butters!!!) Loosey, it was my pleasure to meet up with you again. Bloody life of riley now.

The pod was great craic. I don't think I stayed long there but it was super not to be queueing. Thanks for the pass, Penny.
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# 329 : Monday 1-10-2007 @ 10:05
i rock
i dock
i clean up with my sock
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# 330 : Monday 1-10-2007 @ 10:10
so... now with my faculties back in order I can give a fuller comment on Saturday's shenanigans.

T'was a great night and I met lots of new people. Kazzie... you're a real angel. And funny as hell. BBoy, a gentleman, Ceedee and Gollum - your taste in Coronation St men is of the highest order. Oein - delighted, as always, to coverse with such an insightful person. Muggins - damn, I wish I had the sense to stay and head ot the G with yerself and Kazzie. Sash, another funny guy even if we dont agree on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Elat you maniac...nuff said Paul(cant remember your username), testing me on my knowledge of tools and paint distributors when I'm drunk is not fair. Ju, Murt and Riot as welcoming as could be. Backdraft, a gent.

looking forward to the next one - mini or otherwise.
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