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Who Will Be The Next US President?
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# 1 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 04:29
Well I intrigued by the nomination process in the US. Looks as if the 5th Feb is d day.

I would like to see either Clinton or Obama as next president. who do you think?
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# 2 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 04:37
I Think Obama has a good chance!
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# 3 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 04:39
I think it will be Hillary and Huckabee but you'd never know with the republicans its wide open
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# 4 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 08:25
I'd like it to be Hilary Clinton but the polls suggest Barack O'Bama is flying away with it. Either way it has to be a Democrat in power. Another four year tenure with the warmongering Republicans might see another world war.
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# 5 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 08:29
Oh, I do hope it's Hilary. Definately has to be a Democrat this time, for all our sakes.

And so much for the polls in New Hampshire, Hilary's still very much looking like she'll be the democratic candidate.
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# 6 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 09:27
She won in New Hampshire probably because the wagon cried, I would rather a republican than her at least they are honest about how right wing they are.

Im supporting Obama.
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# 7 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 09:30
It has to be Obama, for the simple reason that they won't know what to call Bill if Hilary is President. First Man, First Lord, what will he be?
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# 8 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 09:37
its too early for Obama to run, but it was an amazing comeback by Hillary to win New hampshire
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# 9 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 09:41
I want Obama to Win, If anything to Piss off the 'Good Ol Boys' Of American Industry by the very Notion of a 'Coloured Bwoy' In Office. Plus Hasnt Obama Got the coolest Feckin Voice ya ever Heard!!

McCain!! I mean How Old is the Fecker, he Looks older than Bush. Hillary Hmm Not sure about that, I think she seems too Harmless.
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# 10 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 09:48
There is actually a guy from Law & Order running as well. Fred Dalton Thompson played the District Attorney for 5 years and asked if he could be released from his contract so he could run for President.

He is a Republican and is doing really badly at the moment. The California Primary is on Friday, and he needs to raise another $170k or he is officially out of the race.
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# 11 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 09:51
Yay - well done to Hillary. She definitely needs to loosen up though if she wants to win overall. She's way too stiff / frosty.
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# 12 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 10:00
Well Obama could be good for Ireland to seen as his Great Great Great Granddad is from Ireland.

Iowa was the same as Louth voting in an Irish election, insignificant in the scheme of things. The 5th of February is the day that will tell who the candidates for president will be, all the big states are voting. www.cnnpolitics.com
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# 13 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 10:01
Her tragic wardrobe could do with some updating as well. I want Obama to win, simply because he's nicer to look at than the rest. After that I couldn't care less. It's such a long and drawn out process. I can't believe there is a year of it left!
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# 14 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 10:24
If a Clinton couldn't win in new Hampshire they have no business running.

Obama came very close to winning it, it's still his game.
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# 15 : Wednesday 9-1-2008 @ 12:52
Mike Bloomberg is also quite likely to run, as an independent. I like him, but I prefer Obama. Should be an interesting race though.
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