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Cheetah, 60 YO Straight Male From Louth 
Seeking Male / Female Friends aged 17 - 80+
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JOINED 12-NOV-2004
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About Me   What I Like  

An idiot, really.

Mmmmmmmm... Ahhhh... the simple things in life.

Sorted; sane(ish); like people and love company but a bit shy and also happy (sorta, sometimes, whenever) on my own; not looking for attachments; can't access Gaire all that much now 'cos of changed work circs. but enjoy the odd visit when I can.

The username has nothing to do with an interest in big cats - it goes back to a disgraceful incident in a 440 relay race in school: I nudged one bloke in the opposing team off the track and made another drop his baton and we went on to win. The track judges never saw my, erm, "contribution" to the winning effort and the opposing team members, being smaller than me, weren't in a position to do much about it. They got their own back by calling me "cheater" afterwards which for some extremely unfair reason stuck, and then it changed over time to cheetah because I was good at athletics . Well, good at cheating at athletics anyway
Any woman who can put up with me for a week... oh yeah, she should be into long distance cycling.

Interests & Hobbies  

  Music : Blues, Classical, R&B and Soul, World & Folk  
  Films : Classics, Comedy, Epics / Period Films, Documentaries, Drama, Thrillers  
  Books : Humour, Science & Nature, Politics & Philosophy, Travel & Holiday Guides  
  Sports : Cycling, Hiking, Swimming, Walking  
  Hobbies :  Cooking, Gardening, Hiking, Walking  
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