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Ellen & Sebb
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Ellen & Sebb, 34 YO Male From Dublin 
Seeking Male / Female Friends aged 17 - 80+
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Ellen & Sebb
JOINED 22-APR-2005
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Personal Information

  Relationship Status : Attached Exercise : Occasionally
  Body Type : - Nationality : Irish
  Height : 5' 9" (175 cm) Religion : Atheist
  Hair Colour : Mixed Ethnicity : Caucasian
  Eye Colour : - Education : Third Level
  Best Feature : - Area of Work : Vagrant
  Smoking Habits: Never Leisure Time : Most Evenings
  Drinking Habits: Occasionally    

About Me   What I Like  

Hi folks.

We are a straight couple. However we are little different. Our outlook is very open and we are comfortable around all kinds of people.

We love a variety of things including:

MUSIC: she likes Foster' (not Allen !), The Cure, Vampire Weekend.
he likes ACDC, Kila, Passenger.
(in reality we both like much of the same; rock.)

ART: she likes pretty, colourful work with meaning.
he likes weird, dark (tones) with colour and meaning.
both like independent and non pretentious stuff.

TRAVEL: she likes Koh Samui, Bray (?), Queenstown.
he likes KL, Dalkey, Hamilton.
both like sunny places.

MOTORS: she likes Colts, Astras, Bongos. (better than "pink ones" )
he likes bikes, VAG (not that, although that too ), cycling.
both like to ride ...

BOLD: she likes voyeurism, sex, exhibitionism.
he likes exhibitionism. sex, voyeurism.
both like each other.
We would love to meet other people in and around our own age. There are two areas we are interested in that are somewhat related but paradoxically very different lifestyles.

1. The naturist lifestyle. The less clothes the better and we believe in the wholesomeness of naturism. We would even raise a family in a clothing optional household.

2. The swinging lifestyle. A lot of people think swinging is: go to party, swap partners, fuck, then go home. We know that it is whatever you want it to be. Be that one / two / three / moresomes OR gay / bi / straight action. We are voyex.

If you are into any of these things or maybe just like people who have a healthy attitude to such, then get in touch. Our aim is to meet others who are comfortable enough with other peoples kinks and fetishes.


Interests & Hobbies  

  Music : Blues, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Indie, Pop, Reggae, Rock, World & Folk  
  Films : Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romantic, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Thrillers  
  Books : Comics & Graphic Novels, Crime & Mystery, Humour, Mind Body & Spirit, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Science & Nature, Travel & Holiday Guides  
  Sports : Cycling, Hiking, Jogging, Pool, Swimming, Tennis, Walking, Yoga  
  Hobbies :  Arts & Crafts, Board Games, Comics, Computers, Dining Out, Drawing, Hiking, Motorbikes, Musical Instruments, Painting, Photography, Travelling, Walking, Web Surfing  
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