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Liam4mail, 39 YO Gay Male From Sheffield 
Seeking Men aged 25 - 42
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JOINED 12-MAR-2003
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I hate filling these things in because it is the only opportunity I have to paint a picture of myself and there will be something I forget. Hmmm... I am me. I love Marmite. Abbreviations get me down and I am told I am anally retentive about spelling and grammar! I have a mug the size of a churn and drink half coffee and half milk. I tend to leave food go cold before I eat it and have soya sauce and black pepper with everything. I am Irish and moved here just over two years ago. I love England and have wanted to live here all my life. Oh I do not know what else to say. Come get to know me. I might be away from the computer but I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Ask me anything you need to know. I am an open book and I expect the same of you. People who have a problem with questions... well... have something to hide!
Ideally I want to meet someone to settle down with, someone to love me for me, accept the love I have to give and work on a strong union to become an empire... and not just fall at the first hurdle! I am happy single and independent until my husband shows up. I have been single all my life. I have no baggage or issues. However being single this amount of time has made me very much my own person and I am the first to admit I am difficult to get on with at times. This coupled with my explicit honesty and openness can, from the outset, make me appear 'hard work'. I am a typical Leo in many respects.

New friends are always welcome as is sex. The latter depends on the mood I am in so message me!
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