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Fetch, 38 YO Gay Male From Dublin 
Seeking Men aged 17 - 80+
Full Member  |  Send Message  |  12577 Posts  |  Online : 28-Mar-21 at 17:43

JOINED 13-MAY-2003
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Personal Information

  Relationship Status : Attached Exercise : Regularly
  Body Type : Average Nationality : Irish
  Height : 5' 11" (180 cm) Religion : -
  Hair Colour : Dark Brown Ethnicity : Caucasian
  Eye Colour : Blue Education : Third Level
  Best Feature : Bum Area of Work : Pharmaceutical / Science
  Smoking Habits: Occasionally Leisure Time : Most Evenings
  Drinking Habits: Occasionally    

About Me   What I Like  

I'm a 25 year old bearcub/pup/science nerd type guy. I like gaming, music, reading, writing, and wasting time on the internet. I work as a lab technician for a pharmaceutical company (yes, I have a degree in pharmaceutical science). In my spare time I like to game, visit the gym (I typically go 2-3 times a week), and read.

I have a boyfriend/Master/other half, called Greg. He lives in florida, which makes for many interesting adventures when we get to see each other. And many lonely nights when we don't.

I'm also an administrator on here, so when you see me telling you not to do something, it's probably a good idea not to do it. Unless I'm wrong or talking out of my ass, in which case never mind. Unless you're wrong. I typically defuse explosive situations on the forums by injecting my patented brand of angry sarcasm - usually resulting in wacky fun, and occasionally resulting in unpleasentness. Let's just gloss that part over for now, shall we?

Well that's all I have to say to you now, so until next time my pretties - take care and keep sane.

My ideal match is a clone of Greg, but small enough that I can fit him in my pocket and smuggle him home on the plane. He would ideally subsist on a diet of peanuts and left over crumbs, and have a keen love of chess (albeit an intense fear of large chess pieces which might accidentally fall over and crush him). The ability to grow to regular size upon the addition of water would be a plus, but not necessary.

My ideal friend, would share an appreciation for my genious, and a long-suffering patience for my ego. Should like stuff that I like, because otherwise we might bore each other... and when I'm boring, I can be really boring.

Also should be chatty and talkative, because I have a habit of interrupting people, and unless I get my fix, I can be very cranky.

Interests & Hobbies  

  Music : Classical, Indie, Rock  
  Films : Action & Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy  
  Books : Humour, Sci-Fi & Fantasy  
  Sports : Gym, Martial Arts, Rugby, Weight Training  
  Hobbies :  Arts & Crafts, Board Games, Computers, Painting, Strategy Games, Television, Theatre, Video Games, Videos / DVDs, Writing  
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