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Shoegirl, 48 YO Gay Female From Dublin 
Seeking Women aged 17 - 80+ for Friendship, Relationship
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About Me   What I Like  

IT contractor, systems practitioner, thinker and musician of sorts.
Not pushed on the scene in general but Pantibar is my favourite of them.
Best gay bar ever is the one at the corner of the Castro in San Francisco.
Likes: travel, sunshine, good beer, good books, movies with a decent story, happy endings, random kindness, thoughtfulness, have convictions, leather, poly, miss Maria martindale, kitten heels, lip gloss.
Dislikes: ignorance, bigotry, casual racism, bull daggers, hysteria (but I do like the album by the human league), plucking your own eyebrows ...ow, people who keep saying they are bored!
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