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Frillybaby, 52 YO Bi Male From Sligo 
Seeking TV, TS, TG, CD / Admirers aged 17 - 50 for Friendship, Relationship, No Strings Fun, Travel Contacts
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JOINED 13-JUN-2008
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Love Pink
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Forest walk
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Personal Information

  Relationship Status : Single Exercise : Rarely
  Body Type : Average Nationality : Irish
  Height : 5' 7" (170 cm) Religion : Atheist
  Hair Colour : Light Brown Ethnicity : Caucasian
  Eye Colour : Blue Education : Second Level
  Best Feature : Bum Area of Work : -
  Smoking Habits: Never Leisure Time : Most Evenings
  Drinking Habits: Occasionally    

About Me   What I Like  

A complete sissy fagot and in fact I don't even consider myself gay or bi, just Sub.

I don't find anything about the male body attractive but I will whimper in submission at a hard knob being pushed passed my lips or being taken from behind by a real man.

You and your cock can have me in any hole you like.
I've never tried it but if you've drank (a lot) of liquid before and are dying for a pee... well your cock is the boss and you should be able force me to take ANYTHING that comes out of it into my mouth.

Relieving your self into my nappy and having me sit your pee might also please you.

I'm smooth, dress in mostly pink
Activities outdoors/car/hotel all ok. Although I'm discreet, I'm also bored so will take a LITTLE risk outdoors especially with clothing and especially 'out of town'.

I'm not convincing but I have loads of little girly stuff and being teased for looking ridiculous is half the point.
Never got hang of makeup but I have it. So if lipstick is your thing, then fine. I can't get that wrong.

A daddy feeding me his cock as I suckle gently laying on my back in my bulging nappy, helpless to do anything but lick and slup 'till daddy gives me yukky cream and says good girl as he pats my nappy.
Do you want to bully your very own cock sucking fagot.?
Lift my dress and fuck me over bonnet.?
Have me keep your knob wet while you drive.?
Play with you in back of cinema.?
Force me to take anything that comes out of your mans cock into my mouth.?
(You WILL need to force me).

I really am a wimp so you'll have to take the lead on this.
Short time or long time ok. Can travel.
Very Clean and discrete a must.
If you like sissies/Adult babyies AND you give me some hints about your fantasy, you CAN have pretty good time.
I don't even have to 'finish' myself. In fact I almost certainly won't.
The harder you get, the softer I get. So I really am there just to let you have a little taste of your fantasy.
If you think that's a bit pathetic.. You're finally getting what I want.

---legal stuff :-)---
I don't like 24st hairy blokes.

I'm completely smooth from ears down.

I've wasted days on here with noshows and 'gime pic' rubbish so unless someone puts in a little effort, I'm very hesitant to waist time sending dozens of emails and texts plus the hours it takes to get ready. Like I said, I'm smooth and clean and that takes work.

I can't arrive/drive anywhere in a dress but 30 secs is all it takes to change.
Remember: I'm not convincing. That's the point or the turn-on for some. If you want a girl, I'm not her. (But I'll adore your cock more)

I won't give fuck, give rim or swallow.
And because you just went deaf.
I won't give fuck, give rim or swallow. I think everything else is fine :-)
Also If you don't get the whole nappy thing: look up Paraphilic infantilism. I look really cute.

PS. It sounds like I do this all time :-) I don't, once before.. just a bit ocd I think :-)
I would love to be with a boy who likes sissy's.
I'm not too convincing but hey that's the fun, looking babyish and humiliated as you make me wear short frilly dress and plastic pants.

I want someone who wants a girl. I have no interest in using my little peepee for anything. You may do what you want with it but as with any girl, I'm only interested in yours and keeping you happy.

If you get my drift then we're good to go.!

Interests & Hobbies  

  Music : Electronic, Pop, World & Folk  
  Films : Action & Adventure, Crime / Gangster, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Thrillers  
  Books : Crime & Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Thrillers  
  Sports : Sailing, Swimming, Walking, Water Sports  
  Hobbies :  Computers, Hiking, Photography, Television, Video Games, Walking  
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